“At our waking” -§5§

The little troll was, already went downstairs, and he was having breakfast with Punkùl, who was looking with wide eyes how much hungry he had, it seemed he hadn’t eat from long time.

Punkùl had put in front of him a dish with  a sort of milk and something that they could look like cornflakes, and the little troll  was eating all that with such voracity that was dripping out everything, and his murmurs seemed  that he did liked very much what he was eating.

When we went downstairs what we had seen it filled our hearts by an immense joy, but we have seen also Punkùl in prey of total panic. The little troll had finished to eat those kind of cornflakes, and now was playing inside of that dish full of that liquid, making it splash out everywhere, and when he seen us, his joy has exploded to the maximum: when he seen me, he stretched his little hands toward me, and his murmurs made me understand that he wanted be taken in arm, and i delicately have taken him and sweetly he embraced me tight, made me understand that he was so happy that i was finally with him.

Embracing him sweetly, i looked at both, and you have accompanied me to the sofa, with the troll who was caressing my face looking at each part of my face laughing, and i let him do, while  you was studying a safe way to reach that invisible borderline, and just when Punkùl ended to clean the table, came next to the sofa, touched the Tesla ball, and he conctacted the big creature who had decided that it would have accompanied them, but what that he would wanted not have say, it was that even that little troll had to come, because only him knew the likely only real entrance, and it was from there that we have would to think to attempt to enter.

And just when that sentence was pronnounced, the big eyes of that little greenish troll has stared me scared, and he embraced me tight, and i tightened him more to me, searching for all the glances of the present, asking them if there was another way for don’t make relive everything to the little creature who was starting to shake again, but it seemed that there wasn’t: Punkùl beckoned, and i have understood that there was no alternatives, and sweetly i  placed the little troll on my knees in front of me, and i have taken his small hands, and looking at straight into his eyes, i have started to speak to him in the sweetest way possible explaining him that we had need of him to identify the right place, but however i assured him that i would not have leave him: in those instants i had decided to go with them, ad when i said it looking at the little troll, immediately i have felt an your jolt , and just when the little creature has dived  in my chest, i thrown a glance toward you, and in a sigh i said: “I don’t leave him alone. If he have to come there, i come even” and with that sentence i have closed any other kind of discussion, and i meeting your glance, and you, a bit worry, have nodded, looking at the little troll who was still embracing me tight who at his turn was looking at everybody with those great eyes.

When the other creature knocked the door, and Punkùl made him enter, we have held back the breathe for then threw it away. And i looked at the small troll and in his murmurs i could perceive the real dread to lose once again who he loving. 

Delicately i got up, and i have stared straight into his eyes, and with sweet words i was able to made him concentrate on my face and everything i had on, and he concentrated especially on my pendant, and during the journey toward the borderline, he haven’t thought where we had to brought him.
But soon after seen a tree, he started to lament and he started to look at him around, and the more he was doing it, the more in his eyes was reliving those moments that he wanted deleting and his glance toward me, it was asking to stop.

I stopped me, and i have started to talk to him sweetly. When you have noticed that, you have thrown a glance toward me, and i sighed: “It’s here, beyond that tree”, caressing the head of that baby troll, who wanted hid himself for don’t see, and that’s why i moved away, assuring  the small creature that was over, and really slowly i walked away, searching a safe place to stay in waiting for your return. 
I sighed your name when you have left me, going toward Punkùl and that enormous grey creature who was walking next to you looking at himself around.”


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