“To those words” – §4§

Even the most big  and brave creature remained breathless and every glances were directed toward me, even if i could change your mind, i knew you had right: we had to see what was the situation directly on the place. 

The buzz, that you had lifted among those creatures, was reasonable. Nobody of them was approached to that borderline, but it was the only way to understand in which  way, the others were crossing that space entering without any problems in our dimension.

Just one of the present creatures was able to approaching to that sort of invisible borderline and see to the other part, and slowly one by one have changed glances toward a troll who in that moment was looking for to hid himself from the attention of everybody, but by now, it was useless. he was called in cause by Punkùl, and he couldn’t  no longer escape.

Slowly around the small troll it made space, and Punkùl told us what happened, but above all what he saw. 
From what we had understood that small troll couldn’t speak, but he could transmit each words through the glance, and Punkùl was only his tool. He was him who was speaking, and what he saying left everybody breathless, even if it was the umpteenth times that  it was told, and the scenario that was opening in front of us, wa more complicated than we could imagine, and however it was perfectly described even in a map that that troll was always keeping inside the poket of his snatched jeans’ dress.

We remained speechless to stare that greenish troll, who seemed remained undershock and his big eyes were turning the round of  the room, looking at everybody, searching for a glance of approvation, and when our eyes have met those  sweetest eyes, i have smiled him and sweetly i  stretched my hand toward him, and he shyly approached to me, and when our hands touched, i have could feel his small heart that was beating like a crazy, and he didn’t take off his eyes from mine: he almost shaking, and without the help of Punkùl, i had see through his eye, still the real dread, and sweetly he lifted on my knees and like a baby, he have wanted that i tightened him strong. 

Seen that scene, Punkùl have approached to you and explained that behaviour. That small troll, had to still growing, and he had lost his parents, just when he went to that borderline. Their parents didn’t knew yet that beyond that limit they could be sucked inside and from that moment he haven’t see his parents, and  for the shock from that day, he hasn’t speak no longer.

Hearing that story, uncosciously i tightened more the small troll to my chest, and i looked at you, and with a whisper i said: “We have to do everybody but above all for him”, and i smiled to the small troll who delicately have touched my face, as if he wanted thank me. 
I held back the breathe, then i threw it away, and sweetly i have took your hand, and you have looked at me, then you have caressed the small troll.

From that day that the small troll got back without his parents, everybody had starting to worry, and slowly they have drawed a map of that borderline, and to each particular that the small troll was able to remember through Punkùl, everybody have had their own map, and now that it was added that delicate part of the story, you was very decided to go to see that borderline to know of what it was about.

You got up, and  next to Punkùl have said: “Now that we have situation more complete, we can put down a plan, but  before i have to know who  of you can accompanied me till there.” and to this request, none of the creatures has retired his availability: everybody were ready: in their glances you have could see all their determination. 
But now the final decision was taken by Punkùl who has choosed the big creature who moved away the small table at the begin of that reunion, and he said him: “Will be you, but now we everybody, have to rest as much we can” saying this Punkùl has stared the Tesla ball that was issiung calming beams

We have looked at everybody who without say nothing, were leaving the apartment, just the small troll didn’t came out because he had found in me a real protection. I have looked at Punkùl and with such tenderness, he beckoned, and the small troll has tightened me more, and i thanked the house owner just moving the lips. 

In short time i was fond to that small greenish creature, and when everybody have left the apartment, i have sat on the sofa with him on my knees, and slowly he fell asleep. 
Punkùl looked at me and said: ” I believe it’s the very first time that he sleep like this.” i have looked at him tenderly, then you have took me in your arms and we went upstairs in “our bedroom”. 
I have settled the troll next to me, and with you, i have looked at him that was sleeping peaceful.”


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