“While we waiting” – §3§

For the other creatures, we were attempting to give a classification to Punkùl who seemed alot in comfort in that ambient, and he was was preparing something for the next hosts that he would have to welcome in that apartment. 

We looking at him very careful, and he seemed aware about our eyes pointed on him, and on his face we could perceive something like a permission to study him deeply. 

He was moving inside the apartment in silence, while our eyes were catching each his shades, fascinated by his aspect. 

Punkùl was a thin creature,  who could look like to a skeleton but he wasn’t, his face remembering that one of a lizard: elongated, but what it had impressed us much were his eyes. They hadn’t an unique form: they could change, form and color in base of what he was feeling, and this his particular we had noticed especially when he was talking about his girl: their form were become more round and the color of his pupil was red: the color of the real love, but everything hid under a leather jacket and pants, and his hands were so thin and they were moving with a such grace that they seemed dancing, and on his fingers he wearing simple rings on each phalanx, and this had fascinated me alot, however much he looked like a lizard, his skin wasn’t scaly on the contrary, it was smooth.
He had a particular charm, and his velvety tone of voice was making him more fascinating.

He was turning around the apartment, without say nothing: he knew, we were studying him in each detail, and  he let us do, but when  he came next to us, he smiling, taking attention to the Tesla ball to each beam of light that it was issuing, and  then he said: “Get prepare yourself, some of them are most curious will ask you many questions” and shyly he smiled, but even us had one question that was turning round in our minds, by now, from a bit.

We had crossed many dimensions, to which more, or less we were able to define the period in short time, and maybe we had guessed even that one, but we had fear to taken it for granted, but we wanted to have «wrong», and maybe to find another motive for don’t think what it was turning us round in mind. 
We threw away all the air from the lungs, when someone behind the heavy door has knocked it, and Punkùl went to open, and a group of differents creatures of measure and size entered, making as if they were at their own home.

Some of them were looking at us, but they didn’t have made not even a nod, they knew who we were, but they have waited for that everybody else had took place on floor in front of the small table, and some else with caution, have sit on the armrest of the sofa, and at end Punkùl looked at one of the biggest creature, who without say nothing, has lifted the small table with one arm and he leaned it to another place, so Punkùl placed himself in middle with the others  around: it seemed that was a routine for those creatures, and the buzz was filling the big room, but as soon Punkùl has cleared his voice, an a silence fallen, and without useless preambles, he has presented us, and the creature on the armrest beckoned me and i felt the right to smiled him.

We threw away all the air from the lungs, and i looked at you, and slowly you have left my hand and got up and you went next to Punkùl, and started to speak explaining that his friend had exposed us everything with the maximum cure, and he hoped that in someways, we could find a way to destroy who was spreading dread in that dimension, or lift a wall between that it have avoided the entrance of those others creatures. 

I was looking at you as the others present there while it was lifting once again a general buzz, and everybody were explaining his own ideas, and the more that buzz was increasing and the voices were merging one in another, and nothing good has came out, only one your demand has left everybody speechless and finally once again a bit of calm has fallen.
You had demanded to go see the borderline.
I looked at you with wide eyes open breathless.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“We remained” -§2§

“To those words” – §4§⇒

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