“We remained” -§2§

To stare for a bit Punkùl for a bit, because in our deep we knew, that what he had said us it was only the begin of the whole matter, and in fact it was so.

He continued to describe the situation as an attempt to invade that dimension for then merging it and expand it territory. He has explained even that each of inhabitants of that dimension had a Tesla ball,and it was and very important object for the safeguard of  everybody. It was a big eye that was checking everything, and each time there was an immient danger, it was warn everybody issuing an unique beam of light linking everybody.

Punkùl was saying everything with such emphasys that he had left us breathless, but he didn’t have realize  of that, because he have took your hand and he brought you toward the big window and he indicated you a far point but, even though it was evening, it could see well.
It was the top of a big hill and there you have could see an enormous Tesla ball that with its beam was checking  the surrounding ambient. 
I got up on my feet and slowly i approached to you, and delicately you went behind me, and have embraced me, illustrasting me everything, and Punkùl still excited was continuing to describe how worked the alarm section of that dimension.
“Not everybody can go down and fight. Most of us aren’t not expert warriors: the very first creatures are dead like a bunch of flies, and they are dead many, before to understand that we had to create an army. 
The attacks can last days like no fights for weeks, and in those days we have to rebuild what has been destroy.
We know what we should do, but it’s a feat bigger than us.”

In those strange thin eyes of that creature, we could see what was on his mind and we believed in each creatures of that dimension, but there was a little issue: exeeding that void that their enemies had learn to cross. 
That was their weak point. They had building an excellent communication web, but for what they really had in mind to do, they hadn’t ended nothing good.
Then Punkùl had looked at us, and his gaze we could the feelings the we knew well, and when once he has started to talk again, we have understand that he was talking about about the love of his life.

“When she has been capable put herself in contact with HIM, i saw in her eyes  that glimmer that we had lost from long time. Unfortunately you know how it went, but of  one thing i’m happy: she saw you, and i know, in her big heart has exploded the most immense joy, and when she has looked at me in her latest instants, i saw in her wonderful eyes the love that she had for me, and the great hope that everything would ended soon”. 
Punkùl was lost in thoughts, and seemed that he was capable still to see her walking around the apartment, smiling at him. 

When he ended, we threw away the air from the lungs, and we looked at each other astonished, while you was embracing me tight to you, and without speak, we knew to who was thinking about the other.
Our ferryman, but now there was no time to reason on him, even because, by now, we knew that he was him who was decide which pathway we had to cross, each time we exceeding the black hole between one dimension another.

Punkùl got back to the sofa and he has waited for us. We remained a bit alone in front of the big window remembering some our remembers.
We wanted estrange ourselves a bit from that situation that slowly it was swallowing us.
But after only seconds later, you have sighed: “Let’s go”, and delicately you have took my hand, and we got back in that corner. 

From the way Punkùl staring at us careful while we got sit, we perceived that he wanted say us another thing.
He asked  if we were tired, because he wanted that we meeting some other creatures who being part of their little army. 
I tightened your hand, and you have thrown a glance toward me, but we both knew that there was no time to waste, and together we have nodded, and so on his face was painted a grin, and he got up and he went close to the Tesla  ball and he touched it, and  every beam of light were became one only, and inside of that ball we have could see a multitude of faces of different creatures, and Punkùl after have stared everybody has invited immediately to go to him. “They arrived”. and with this unique sentence everybody have nodded and one by one have ended transmission, while in Punkùl face we have could see something that could seemed a smile.”


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