Approaching, and i can perceive it, and slowly  i can feel your arms embracing me from behind, and sweetly your voice is penetrating me inside, and it’s heat me. 

I close the eyes and our heads are starting  feel our small electric shocks begin to cross our beings.

You turn me and our glances meet, and your  bright smile illuminating me, while your arms are tightening me more to you, and delicately you sigh my name making it become the most beautiful sound that you have ever heard, and slowly your forehead touch mine, and what we are feeling around us  is tightening us more, despite our distance, and everything is become light. 

I feel your arms around my body and i throw away al the air from the lungs, and you words are taking us inside Our Parallel World.
I feel your lips that caressing my skin, while i let go myself to all emotions that you make me feel, in your sweet embrace. 

Everything is how we always wished, and the only thing we can hear are our hearts beating at unison, while our souls merging one in another, and your arms tightening me more to you.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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