“That creature” – §1§

Was walking next to us, and was very be careful to don’t make us notice from who hadn’t to see us. 

His walk was fast and we had to follow his rhythm to reach that building that reminded us  alot that one in which was our apartment, but we knew that it wasn’t the same. 
But we remained breathless when we entered in his apartament, and we looked at each other speechless. 

We were landed in another dimension, but the apartment was the same  that we had left in the real world.
And as soon entered we have stared the unique other occupant of the big room, who shyly didn’t know how to start how to explain that matter, but slowly he approached to the only different furniture of the big space that it was differentiate from the original one, where it was leaned a sort of Tesla ball, and delicately has touched it, and inside it has appears our apartment, and slowly he has started to explained us that little that have to to explained. 

“We didn’t knew when you would be arrived, but with this, we have could recreate your aparment, with all your comfort, and now that my beloved has died, here it’s a bit empty.”
We  remained in silence to stare everything around us, and apart some little differents things, those creatures had recreated our apartment to the perfection.

And now that we  were in someway in safe in that apartment, the creature had gave us some new clothes to wear, and after freshen ourselves, he offered us two cup of something warm to swallow, and stretching the cup, first of all he presented as Punkùl, and when he sat on the chair next to the sofa, and for a moment he stared us, as if he wanted us to abosorb his name till our bowels. 
Then he began.

Maybe we are one of the last dimensions of this parallel universe and we are the unique universe that it borders with another one…” and he left us intend the rest. We looked at each other astonished for what we had soon heard, then we have continued to look at Punkùl, waiting for that he continued to explain what we hadn’t still understand, and he indicated again that Tesla ball and started again.
“The fight you have attended, it’s a war that is lasting from when i remember. This dimension it’s border with another dimension of another parallel universe, and our intestinal fight will end when one will prevail another, and one will gain the right to reign another.” 

Punkùl hadn’t ended to explain everything, but in our glances the situation was very clear: here it was the most in danger dimensions in which we were landed til now.

If it was destroyed that dimension then it would the turn of the solitary village with the winged creatures and so till the first dimension we had visited, and just in those instants we had understood that glance of her beloved, when she glimpsed us: maybe we might have known how to defend that final border.
And it was what we could see even in Punkùl eyes who was staring at us in silence.”



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⇐“We were travelling” – §Prologue§

“We remained” -§2§⇒

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