“We were travelling” – §Prologue§

Along that little universe and it was bringing us away from that dimension, in which we were grown much inside, and we were flying toward another world in which our ferryman wanted that we landed.

In this vortex we have been stripped by our clothes we had on, and we have fly on the pathway turning on ourselves and the only thing we could do was tightening each other for don’t be splashed one in a different dimension from another.

You was tightening me to you and i could feel your heart beating like a jackhammer, and our hands seemed our own anchor. We were spinning really fast, and we didn’t knew how long it was lasted.
We could looking at each other, but the velocity was became really fast that, for don’t faint the only thing was to close the eyes and hoping that that vortex had an end.

At a certain point we have opened the eyes astonished for what we were hearing from far, and we looked at us, and what we were hearing was become always closer, and little by little we slowed down.
We were entering in that new dimension, and that dimension was totally different from the lastest one.

We  fallen in street in a town that in part we already knew, or for what have could glimpse it was so. 
We been thrown on the concrete in a town already fighting, and immediately realizing that you have took me between in your arms, and we hid really quickly next a building that seemed similar to the building of our neighborhood in the real world.
And astonished we were seeing what it was stood in front of us: a bloody fight with many of victims scattered on the ground.

I was looking at some of them with wide eyes open, and it seemed he or she, had recognized us, and it had pointed us while it was attempting to warn someone who still was fighting against another one, but it is dead before that its voice had reached that one was brandishing his weapon against his enemy. And only after few instants we had understood that the creature who had recognized us was a female and who was still fighting was revenging her from who had wounded to death. 
When i seen her soul leave her bloody body, i have could see a glimmer of hope, in her smile just before to die.

You have could hear me that throwing away the air from the lungs, while we seeing the ascent to the sky of that poor soul, while the other was still fighting, and other blood was spreading in front of us.
We didn’t knew what to do: stay there it was dangerous, and so naked we were easily recognizable from those enemies that we didn’t knew yet, and maybe search for a hid place was the better thing that we could do. 

You got up on your feet and then you helped me, and really quick we were about to run away toward the only place we had recognized, when a voice stopped us, calling us with ours own names, and our blood freezed in our veins.
Slowly we turned, and we have recognized the creature who had killed the other just after have killed hers similar one.

By now he had left only dead bodies around him, and he could leave that battlefield only with one regret: to don’t been capable to save her girl, but at least he was happy that she was able to see our landing, and she is dead knowing  it would be a hope to win.

He accompanied us, toward a building that we knew well.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“By now” – ◘epilogue◘

“That creature” – §1§⇒

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