I can feel your approachement, and when i feel your embrace around my belly i close the eyes, and whisper your name. 

Our soft electric shocks are around, and what we are feeling inside us, is our soft punch in the stomach that slowly growing, and delicately make us open in front of Our Parallel World, and our heads are about to explode at unison.

Your arms are tightening me, and slowly you turn me, and when our glances meeting you bite your lips, while your hands delicately touching my body till arrive to my hips. 
Our eyes  are straight into  each other, while my hand are caressing your face, and when you take it, everything stopped, but when you direct it toward your mole, i start to breath again, and i feel your hands tightening me always stronger toward you, and together we leave the lips ajar, when you sigh my name our foreheads touch each other, and your hand caress my face, and when your lips lean on mine, everything become light, and your hands explore my body more. 
I close the eyes and i let myself go.

Your hands on my belly are the most beautiful thing that i feeling in these instants.
Our connection has starting to surround us, and we can feel it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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