“By now” – ◘epilogue◘

In the hut were remained only us, and the white wolf that was already placed himself next to the bed, and he was waiting for to close the eyes to sleep maybe, for the very first time after a long period.
We were looking at us around in silence, while inside us was growing fast the awarness that within few minutes, we would be sucked in another vortex and we have would left that dimension. 

We didn’t knew when and how, and waiting for that moment without do nothing it would been wasting time, but we knew that we had need to rest. In silence you settled better in bed, and you have leaned your back on the wall that made by backrest, and sweetly have invited me to leaning me on your chest.

We embraced each other tight, looking at us around, as if we were there for the very first time. 
Our breathes accompanied us in this visual tour of the hut, while the light of the candles were drawing stranges shadows on the wall until the roof, and each soft breeze that was enter throu the many slots of that small building, was transform those shadows in some silhouettes that got back us in mind each bad and good creatures that we had met. 

Without realizing, we were reliving each day that we had spent there. 
I could hear some profound sighs of you, and without effort i knew that in your mind were crossing the very first days with me wounded by the wolf that now was sleeping next to us, and i could feel all your worry, and placing my hand on your chest, i could feel your heart was beating  like crazy, and only after few seconds later, you have confessed me: “I have had fear to lose you”. Delicately i lifted up my face toward your, and our eyes met. 
What i was seeing it had moved me alot: in those seconds you was let yourself go. 

You was throw away all the emotions that you had kept inside, and now that, we were waiting for to leave that dimension, you had decided to leave them in that place. 
You wanted delete them from your mind as soon as possible, and you was doing it in those instants, tightening me making you feel more alive than in anything way else.

But your heart was still beating hard, while i was staring at you straing into your eyes.
I was caressing your  face, and you was looking at me as if i was  still in front of Raikin with that black knife in hand, and moving away, you said: “Me, i had to have the knife not you”. I was giving  you the opportunity to throw away that heavy weight that your bowels had kept in secret, but even you, knew that only me could destroy Raikin, but however you have repeat it a couple of times.

In those instants my love for you has grown exponentially, and i sighed your name, putting my finger on your lips, and delicately i leaned mine on your, and delicately i started to kiss you, then i stared you and in a sigh, i said: “Don’t think about it, it’s over now… embrace me tight”, and our glances met again, and in your  face has born a shy smile, then our lips were approached each other once again, and immediately after, the light inside the small bowl next to bed has illuminate softly the hut, and a sound never heard before has surrounded everything, and the little universe inside the small bowl has slowly came out, ad has started to turn above us, and slowly a soft white track has enveloped our bodies, and without any effort it has lifted us and it has brought us inside that little universe full of soft and delicate colours, while we were realizing that, little by little, we became always smaller, and we were vanishing inside that soft white track.
While the white wolf got up on his paws and he started to barking against that small universe that it was bringing us away from him.

I was looking at him with some tears that were rolling from my face, because in my deep, i would wanted to bring him with us, and when i haven’t seen no longer, the hut and that solitary village, i gave him a last goodbye tightening me to you, looking at straight into your eyes.
You have caressed my face tightening me more.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


⇐“I have took” – ◘25◘

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