“I have took” – ◘25◘

Your hand, and you have tightened it well tight, and slowly we approached to it. We couldn’t hear any sound inside the hut, and the more we got closer to it the more we thrown  questioning faces toward the white giant who was remain astonish as muche we do, and he had assured us that the last thing he had heard inside from the hut were those orders, but until  that moment we hadn’t heard any voices, or any movements. 

You went along the side of the hut, where it was the window, to check if you could see something inside, but even from there,there were any tracks of the three women.
You got back, you hadn’t see nothing.

“But where they are? From there they aren’t escaped” the white creature said us, he added: “I have heard them distintcly give me those order.” 

I went in front of the door of the hut, and i placed my ear on it, and delicately i took the door handle and slowly have opened. 
When i was entered in the hut there was nobody, but i could perceive something: i could perceive presences who turning me all round. 
When you entered, had heard those presences too, and with wide eyes open, you have looked at me and in a sigh, you put down a bizzarre ipothesis, while i was looking at me around to understand what  was happened inside the hut.
But the more you was esposing your theory, the more it could have a sense, and  you ended saying: “It strange that those three women were the only human beings  who we have met, beyond us.”  
Your speech was flawless. 

Raikin had punished those creatures tranforming them in human beings, taking off them of all their magical power, and now that he was dead, they had regained their original form. An invisible form. 
And just when the white creature entered, something strange was transforming on the ground, and he pointed it with the finger, and with wide eyes open , we moved away to see what it would come out. 

It were formating some sentences, in which we could read some simple words.
“You have right, Raikin have transformed us in human beings, and we couldn’t say you, because he would have killed us. He believed that the human being was the worst creature in all the universe, but he had wrong.”
We were astonished. They were with us in that hut, but we couldn’t see them.
We knew that maybe were the lastet instants with them. 
And now the images that we had in mind of them was that wrong, and in a sigh, i said them: “It’s possible to see you for a last time?”
I had asked it them with a tremble in my voice.

When they have explained everything, we were sat on the edge of the bed, and they have wrote to got up on our feet and got in front to the only small mirror attached on the wall of the hut next to the exit.
We looked at each other, and slowly we got up on our feet, and we held back the breathe. We knew that we have would see something totally different than we had remember till now.

In front of the mirror we tightened our hands and we have waited for, and after few seconds we have hear a soft voice and it saying us to close the eyes, thing we have done and after a delicate touch on our shoulder it made them opening again, and what we have seen it hass left us astonished.
They were three wonderful coloured winged creatures, and delicately they smiling at us, but when we turned they were already vanished, but in their glances we have could see all their respect for us and for everything we had done.
And now, it seemed that they were really gone away, leaving everything so: suspended. 

In the hut,  were remained us and the white great beast with the white wolf.
We looked at each other, and immediately after, something has catched the attention of everybody in the hut, and after known what it was, we have looked at the white giant who had understood what we would asked him, and immediately he replied: “My place is here, i couldn’t go me from here, and now that there is a lot work to do, i can’t leave my friends alone, we have to rebuild the village”.

We could have understand his reasons, and even in those instants, we were feeling the other creatures were calling him, and he had to go. “Be a good leader” you said him giving him a great pat.

When he came to me, he took my hands in his big paws and we have only shared several glances. 
Then he left us. 
We remained in silence with a sense of void inside, while the white wolf was looking at us.
We have sat on the edge of the bed, when the small bowl next to the bed, has starting to bright more.”


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