Here you are

And you are silently smiling to me, and i shyly  smile you back. 
Delicately i  feel your sweet embrace, and i softly hold your arms, while i can hear your sweet words that you are whispering really slow in my ears.

Delicately i pretend to turn to check something else, but in reality i want see you, and so i turn sweetly and in silence we smile, and fortuitously we touching our lips, and we remain so, and our eyes dive one another, and your hand caress my face and my finger reach your tiny mole, and i notice you lips ajar.
And in those instants everything vanish, while you are approach closer to me, and your lips leans like  sweet caress on mine.

I hold back the breathe and slowly i throw it away, for don’t disturb who is in bedroom with me, but your closeness is so tangible that everything is slowly vanish and you are taking me to Our Parallel World, and it’s there that i want stay alone with you.

You gently are tightening me more to you. I can feel your gentle breathe surrounding me, and our minds are starting to connect each other, and we can feel our soft punch in the stomach growing always more. 
You are pulling me always more toward your chest, and everything is become always smaller. 
I see Algiz, Gebo and Berkana, and it seems thatwe have to wait for a new begin 
Everything is taking us inside Our Parallel World, inside our souls.

We are loving us and we hadn’t realizing that we are loving us  from long time.
And our connection is exploding around us, and we can feel it stronger than ever. 
You are tightening me always more to you, and you are say me to close the eyes, while everything it is about to become Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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