“What we were” – ◘24◘

Seeing was a total different village from that which we were got used, since when we were landed there.

The lastest thread-like creatures were killed by those few but very brave inhabitants that we were able to set free few hours ago, before to cross the catwalk for enter in the Raikin’s building, and their slimy bodies were scattered along the mainstreet teared apart in two, and from their bodies was coming out a horrible smell and the wolf has wanted to check one of  them closer. We stopped to see what he could say us with just his glance. 

He approached to one of them with caution, and  he was very careful to his approachment, and when he has elongated his neck to sniff what he had in front, immediately he ran away and he came close to me yelping.

By now, he didn’t no longer recognize those, like friendly creatures, and that smell has scared him alot, and he has looked at me, as if he wanted be assured, and i caressed him on his soft head, walking tightening your hand in mine.
And now from that Raikin building we could hear some new dreadful sounds, as if the building itself it was speaking through those chains and the metallic pipes that we knew well. 

It seeemd that the building was taking  life, and in someways, it was setting free himself from those chains that was holding it bonded to Raikin, and when we have seen all the steams coming out from the overhead door, and then we have hear to close heavily that door, we have thought that the building had a soul and finally it was throwing all the oxygen it had, and now it could start to live again. When we have heard that big noise, we have tightened ourselves, and we have tightened even the wolf that he has put himself in middle of us, and with that bang, we wanted believe that it wanted thank us even him, and maybe it was so.

We had left that building in hurry, without think to take a last glimpse to it, and maybe it was his unique demonstrance to thank us.
We remained to stared it with his steam that slowly was vanish, and even thought it has been the stage of that brutal show, in our deep, we knew, it would have missing us it, and i don’t know why, it would be missed more to me than to you and to the wolf.

Maybe because, inside that building i showed to myself that i could go beyond to my normal expectations, and that building it has been the scenario of all that, and while i was looking at it, in silence i was thanking it even.
You had notice that i was moved, and without say nothing, you have tightened me more to you, while i was holding back the breath, and then i threw it away delicately, leaning me on your chest.

I was leaving behind my shoulders an experience that it had changed me deeply. But now we had to see how the Raikin death had changed the everything around, and above all we had to check if the three witches would could come out from the enchanted hut.

Beyond the dead thread-like creatures that we had meeting along the mainstreet, almost to the end of the long boulevard, the white giant who has welcomed us with a big smile, and he has looked at the wolf  with a questioning face, and with all the calm, you have explained him how it went inside the building, and when you ended to explain how Raikin was dead, the white giant, has looked at me astonished, and giving me a delicate double pat on shoulder, he joked saying me: “We don’t have to make you anger”, and i have smiled him, thinking again to what was happened in that building.

But now, was me that was questioning the white giant throwning a glance toward the hut, in front of the fence. 
He seemed even him curious to know, if everything for what we had fought, had worked. He looked at us, saying: “I really don’t know, i have just placed one of the last thread-like creature’ body outside their borderline. They have said  us to the settled them far from the hut, and it what i was doing, when you have met me.”
I have looked at him astonished, and then i thrown a glance toward the hut that it was in front of us.
Then i looked at you with wide eyes open, and hold back the breathe, i looked at the big giant and with slow walk i directed toward the door of the hut.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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