“I remained” – ◘23◘

To see the latest part of the the body of Raikin leave that building stand in the place where i had wounded him, with your knife still well tight in my hand, and i was feeling a sense of lost, while i was looking at that ambient in which the new air was entering. 

Slowly, you got up on your feet, and with slow walk you came behind me, and gently you have tightened my belly, and with a sweet move you have took off the knife i had still in my hand. 
I was still incredulous that i had killed Raikin with a such coolness and calmness, and when i turned and i met your glance, in your eyes  have met a gaze in which i could read: “I have wouldn’t do better than you”, but immediately after i dived in your chest, and i have started to shake like a leaf.

All my coolness vanished between your arms, and the only visible tracks of that gesture, was still a bit of his blood on my face when it splashed out from his mouth, when he looked at me, astonished by what i was doing to him.
And your: “It’s over, it’s over!” was the most calming sentence that in those instant i have could hear, while i hearing your heart still beating like a crazy.

I knew, that still you had in your glance that scene that was running in your mind, and you was still thinking,  how much i’ve been close to die, although i was protected by the light of the pendant. And i knew, also that you was reliving that moment million of time, until it wasn’t became a blurry remember, but that game it have wouldn’t worked till we were still inside that building.

We were staring that empty point of that building. We wanted to leave, but there someone else inside was still leaned on the ground, and now he  seemed asking help, and his glance was changed, now that his owner was died.
I left your hand, and together we approached to the white wolf.

I bended over him and through his eyes i have could see, that he was asking mercy, and what he was asking it was to be killed.
But what i was looking at in his deep, was another kind of demand, and maybe it was what he really wanted. 
And you had notice even too. 
His gaze was totally changed, and all that badness was vanished, and now he was asking a second opportunity.

There was this latest thing to try. I approached more to the beast, and you said: “Be careful”, and  you was staring each my movement. He was bleeding alot from the wound you had provoked him. He was looking at me asking mercy. 
I was able to touched him, and it has been a good: i started to caressing him delicately on head, and he seemed calmer, and his yelp of pain slowly seemed vanish, and in his eyes we could see clearly: “Forgive me”, and this had moved me till a little teardrop has fallen from my face. 
“Don’t worry, it’s everything ok, it everything passed” and while i was try to comfort him, i looked at you and without say nothing, you had understood that i wanted the small bottle, and fortunately that before we hadn’t need of it, because his wound was  very profound and just my caresses wouldn’t enough.

By now, my skirt was an unique snatch, and i had need of other piece of cloth for what i had in mind. And so another snatch, and i have asked to open the small bottle and pour some of the magical blood on that piece of cloth. 
And when it was well impregnated, i passed it on the paw of the white wolf, and slowly, the magical potion penetrated in the beast, and it seemed immediately make effect. 
The body of the animal seemed react very fast, and in a positive way. 

We remained astonished when we have seen that once absorbed the magical liquid, the white fur became brighter, and once completly healed, the wolf with caution got up on his paws, and he came to me, and he gave me some delicate warheads, and in his glance i have could read: “Thank you!”, and now with caution, he was approaching to you and with low ears, he was looking at you, while i was still on the ground and i was staring his approachment to you, the person who had wounded him. 
There was a long share of glances, then the white wolf came closer to you, as if he wanted to forgive you, then he licked your hand, and delicately you have caressed him has started to shake his tail.
In someway, even you was asking him to forgive you.

My heart was beating strong, and my eyes has wet by some tears of joy, and slowly i have stretched my hand toward your, while the white wolf got back next to me, and even him was helping me. I leaned to him to give me the right thrust, but i escused me, but with his shaking tail he made me understand that he was happy to help me. I caressed him, and next to you and the white wolf, i walked toward the fence of the village.”


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