Your embrace

Always stronger is tightening my belly, and i hold back the breathe till you turn me, and our glances are meeting. 

I have difficulties to swallow, while i dive into your eyes, and stare that tiny skin imperfection where i can see all the perfection i want. Inside there is all Our Parallel World, while i feel you are tightening me more to you.

You are taking my hand toward your chest, and in a sigh you ask: “Do you feel it?” 
I remain breathless. Your heart is beating like mine. 

Our foreheads touching each other, and your fingers are crossing with mine. 
Your eyes doesn’t want take off from mine, and you shyly smiling  to me, caressing delicately myy face.

I’m shaking like a leaf, and you know, only yor embrace can calm me. 
You pulling me always more to you and with all delicateness you starting move me in our slow dance, there in our apartment.
Everything become as we always wished and everything vanish. 
We become one only souls despite our distance.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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