“We didn’t” – ◘22◘

Know for how long we could stay in peace inside that building, but i had to check your wound, how much it was profound, and we didn’t know if the light of the pendant in short time have would healed you. 
Of course, we were sure that Raikin was wounded by the poweful light, and the wolf was still leaned on the ground, was growling against us. 

We have left the animal there where he was wounded: in the middle of the building, while he was breathing with difficulties. 
I had brought you next to the cointaners closer to the exit, and i had helped you to lean yourself against of one of them.
We had to check if we could remain still there, or for that moment, we had to gave up. 
We were in a situation of  stalment. 

Even Raikin, with his approachment, had wounded himself seriousely, and we had seen him fly toward a concrete beams, and we had belive that that one was hs hid place. 

We have could hear him with his heavy breathe, and now it was heavier, as if he, even, was licking his wounds, but we have could perceive also his glance set on us. 
I was bent on you, looking for to stop the blood the was came out from your arms, and you was leaving me do, without say nothing. 
I had snatched  part of my skirt, searching to clean your wound, but it seemed that the light of the pendant through my delicate touches, was penetrated in your blood faster, and the wound was healing.

I was looking at you worried, but with a simple beckon and a soft caress you have tranquilized me. Without say nothing you have guided my glance toward your wound, and with a simple nod, you made me notice the magic light was enter inside you, and slowly the pain was vanishing.

I had brought you next to the exit, and now, i was the unique to have a view of the interior  of the building, and i have could see the shadow of Raikin, perched on the last concrete beams of the building next to a slot window, and i beckoned his position to you, who was looking at me, without lose each my facial expression that was changing. 
Ocassionally you was give a glimpse behind me, where you could see outside. 
You was looking for to understand if there was a way to escape, but the more you staring straight into my eyes, the more you was understand that, by now  we had to remain there, and i was makin a negative beckon. 

Only later, you have understood why: even with only our presence, with the pendant that had regained their maximum powers, we were filling that building of that invisible magic potion that had the pendant, and we were puttng Raikin in a angle, and even if he had tempted to escape, he would have met each loophole locked, and this was our unique way to hold him in trap.

Those were instants in which we had to reason really quickly, and even though your wound was healing  fast, your arms still hurting you, and for sure, you couldn’t brandish your black knife, if it was necessary.
And we needed to take a decision as soon as possible, and without thinking  much i slid your knife from your hand, and i got up on my feet, while you whispering my name looking for to stop me, but seemed  that i hadn’t hear you.

I said “it seemed”: i had heard you very well, and i was fighting against two internal forces. That one with a conscious was saying: “Stop, get backward!” and the other one,  that i was following , it was saying: “Go ahead! Do what you have to do!”, and with your black knife in hand i went where there was the white wolf  fainted: i have checked him, and after assured myself that he wasn’t dead, i got up and i directed my glance toward those concrete beams where i had seen the Raikin shadow, and only in those instants i had heard again his heavy breathe making heavier, and i started to talk.

It seemed that i didn’t know what i had in mind, when i i said : “If you want take the pendant i’m here, come on, come to take it!” and i have took a glimpse to the entire building, not only to the small corner upward.
Although you was a bit far from me, i had heard your whisper: “What are you doing?”And i knew  that you was sticking out to see what was happening. 

There were enough just  few seconds, that the dark dressed Raikin went down in front of me. He kneeled to check his wolf, and when  he assurred himself that he was still breathing, slowly he approached to me, while i i didn’t moving, while i was staring straight into his eyes, keeping well hid your knife inside the sleeve of my shirt.
He had still the burn gloves, even if i have could see part of his skin ruined, and when our glance meeting, for the very first time i have could see clearly his face, and even this had a big wound that was cover all his left side, and although it was scare me, i pretending, and with my glance i was challenging him  always more, while i was listen to your whispers of warning.

But instead to moving away from him, like the instinct have would said me to do,  very slow i approached to him, and this time, he had resisted more than he had done few hours ago.
He had touched the pendant, and he has been able to to enter beyond the shield, and while other tiny burns were consuming the gloves, i was staring him without do nothing. 
I was waiting for the right moment in which i made believe him that he had won, and just when he was about to take the pedant off my neck, i have pulled the knife out, and gently i pierced his, already skinny body, and without mercy i sunk more the knife in his flesh.

His black eyes were staring at me astonished, while his hand was holding the pendant, but slowly his hold became weaker, and when he fallen on the ground, his body started to burn, and when his bones became ashes, a blow of wind swept them away outside the building, leaving enter new air, and beam of sun made his appearance.”



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