When i

Started to feel your closeness rounding in this bedroom, i immediately thought to your wonderful glance and i started to shake, and when i see your tiny mole i shyly smiled, and Our Parallel World has raised itself in front of me. 
Now i can feel your perfume, and i hold back the breathe to make it mine.

Our connection is about to begin, we can feel it inside our souls and our hearts are beating at unison.
Everything slowly is vanishing and delicately we exist only us.
I shyly blushing because i’m feeling your embrace become stronger than usual, and you are pulling me toward you.

You are taking my hand, placing it on your chest. I can feel your heart is beating like mine, and now we are waiting for that everything explode.
Our heads are touching, and our glances are diving one in another, while our breathes are merging each other increasing. 

You are looking at me, and softly, are talking to me about Our Parallel World, and slowly we taking the flight. 
I can feel your arms tightening me more to you. 
Our electric shocks are delicately crossing our minds.
We feel us so close despite we are living so far
We can feel our emotions crossing our minds, and they making feel us so alive as never we felt us till now. 
We need of our calm that only us we can give each other.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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