“Immediately”- ◘21◘

Entered we stopped, and you have tightened me more the hand was holding in your. 
The ambient that we had in front it was the same of the first time: a large  empty room with some cointaners put in row, next to the entrance at the right.

The white big room with some columns in the middle,  was the same, and the raindrops falling from the gutters were creating some puddles on the concreted floor, and each breathe that we made was resounding in that big room.

We knew that Raikin was staring at us since we had put the foots inside his hid place, and we could hear hear his heavy breathe that slowly was enveloping our beings.

You had passed me the small bottle, to take your black knife, and had whispered me:”Keep the eyes open”, while you slowly was walk ahead to protect me from whatever was happened, and maybe it would be happened everything, like nothing. 

We  have could hear alse the breathe of his wolf, and at his breath i remembered the bite he gave me, and for a short time, i felt pain in the my leg, and i closed the eyes tightening your hand, and you have looked at me worried.
Without speak, with only the glance, you have asked me if it was everything ok. I nodded and in a sigh, i said:”I think, he can make me feel again the pain of the bit of the wolf, but it’s just a suggestiveness, it’s everything ok, don’t worry”. 

Soon after i explained what i was feeling, the metallic sound as if his cane was beat against one of the many metal pipes in that building, has resounded, and has made us feel like David aganist Goliath.
Only that sound had the power to scare whoever, and in that situation it wanted meant “Shut up!”
We looked at each other petrified, but immediately after, we remembered of the pendant and the small bottle, and maybe, what he had made me felt it was a test, and now he wanted say only: “With what courage you entered”. 
We could to hear even hear the wolf  growling.

Despite we hadn’t see not even a shadow of the two beings, it was breathing their presence around, and as much we could to know, they could be even in front of us, without make themselves notice, but i was sure that they were in safe distance because of the pedant and the small bottle. And although we were scared, they had scare more, and were examing each our little movements.
Little by little, we were reaching the centre of the building, looking for to understand if we could glimpse some shadow of Raikin or the wolf.

You had the knife in hand, ready to be brandish, but seemed the the light of the pendant, had expanded more its shield, and the more we went on, the more the light was spreading in the building, and this was making hiding the others occupant. 

But when, all of  a sudden the atmosphere changed, and from above one of the many concrete beams, has jumped down the wolf and has attacked you, and he has fought against you. The white wolf was capable to wounded you different times, when at the end you was capable to wounded him deeply at your turn. 

When you got up on your feet, breathless, you have stared the white wolf still on the ground. 
You came to me with the blade of your knife bleeding. 
You had a profound wound on your left arms, but seemed you wasn’t any pain. 
You was only worry about me. 

When the wolf attacked you, i wasn’t capable to move myself. I was remained to see the whole scene without do anything, not even to hid me. I was petrified, and even if it was everything over, i was staring the wolf on the ground, while my heart was starting to beat again. 

Sweetly, you have called me a couple of times. I wasn’t capable to move any muscle, but slowly i moved the glance toward your, and i shyly smiled you, as if i wakening from that terrible nightmare, when another hit made shake the whole building, and at the end, like a vampire, Raikin went down and without say nothing, he approached to us, challeging the powerful shield, and he approached so much that he burnt part of his dark face, and part of his elegant clothes. 

But now, he seemed didn’t care of anything, and inside his glance we have could see all of his evilness, and slowly his hand was searching for to reach the pendant that i had on.
I knew that i hadn’t to move. We have could see his pain crossing his face. His leather black gloves were burning, but he wasn’t giving up, but when he just soft touched the pendant, he has rectracted his hand, and he looked at us and one instant after he vanished.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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