“We didn’t know” – ◘20◘

If those next hours were really the latest, as our big friend wished, but at least we knew that we would crossed the whole village without the fear of the latest thread-like- creatures who wanted at any cost stop us.

That catwalk, crossing all the buildings of the village, and it seemed just a shortcut buildt for Raikin, and maybe throught it that he could be fast in his moving. 

The first to go up was you, then the white big creature, has helped me to lift then as soon possible, you have taken me tightening me strong to you. 

Those instants of separation between us and the big creature seemed had no end, and in those glances there were every the words  that we hadn’t never said.

He looked at us and in a sigh, he said: “Be careful!” and as if he didn’t wanted left that alley, we made the very first steps along the catwalk.

After he went away, we stopped see what it was about, and with our hands well tigth one in another, we were realizing only  in those instants, that that catwalk was really a shorcut, and that building was an unique one, just divided in several locals of different lenght, and that shortcut was there to have a whole control of the building.

Raikin was owner of that entire building, not only of that last part of it. 
Going through it, we have could perceive that heavy atmosphere with which it was enveloped.
We had recognized the same empty locals, with the same structure inside: big empty rooms with cointainers ready to be filled by something still unknown to us, and little by little that we moving away from the mainstreet of the village, the screams of the thread-like creatures disincreased, and we have could hear the raindrops still falling from the gutters along the building. 

I hadn’t show it to you, but i was starting to shake like a leaf, and that’s why i stopped, and pretending nothing i turned: i didn’t wanted get back, but just taking again to breath, only in that way i have could to think to go on.

Seeing our friends fight with all their forces against those thread-like creatures, using that few magical blood that was remained has gave me courage.
Although, it was a contradiction, hearing those screams and see above all that mainstreet coloured by that blood and smell it in the air and see the white big creature fight, it gave me the strenght to go on, exceeding that moment.
Seeing that death scene it made me delete all the doubts that until that moment were turning in my mind.

They were fighting for their own freedom, and setting free their friends prisoned in those bodies, who scared themselves each time they had to came out to check the village, not knowing what they had to do exactly.
You have stared me for all the time, without say nothing, but in your deep knew what was happening inside me.

Like the wind that, slowly lifting up, in my mind were running milion of thoughts, but you have summarized in few words: “You gave them the strenght to rebel, and look what they are doing, they are killing their jailers. You gave them a weapon stronger than Raikin himself”, and saying this, you have took the pendant in your hand and its internal light has become brighter, strenghtening the magical blood inside the small bottle that you was holding in the other hand.
Now it was our turn, and looking at the light of the pendant enveloping us more, i have looked at you and i beckoned, watching for the last time what was happening behind us.

Together we turned, delicately you took my hand and sweetly you have smiled me, and we have started again our walk, while a wind was lifting up in the mainstreet, sweeping away the dead bodies of the thread-like creatures.

Approaching to the local of Raikin, we have could hear his breath echoing in that empty big room
Through the slot windows, we have could spy inside, but as the first time we hadn’t see anything, but his presence was tangible, and this made me feel breathless. 
We could feel each of his breath, and it was dreadful.

The catwalk ended, and just leaned the wall of the overhead door, there were the stair to going down, and just when you have took the hand to help me, we have heard that metallic sound that had characterized Raikin till now, and soon after, a profound masculine voice has welcomed us. 

A endless shiver have crossed our back, while the overhead door was opening, and with all the caution we have could have, we entered.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“Closed the door” – ◘19◘

“Immediately”- ◘21◘⇒

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