I have to

Throw away all the air i have in body. 
I’m feeling your closeness in these instants, and i can feel your arms are embracing me sweetly from behind, and everything is disappearing like in an enchant, and i statrt to shake, while you are tightening me more to you. 

I shy smiling, and i can feel your breath that is envelope my being, despite our distance, and our minds slowly, are get connect each other, and delicately everything has becoming Our Parallel World, and without realizing we are approaching always more. 

In Our Parallel World exist only us and everything vanish. It exists our connection, our souls, and slowly our soft punch in the stomach has become the only real thing we can feel, while our soft eletric shocks becoming persistent in our heads. 

We have to throw away all the air we have in body for don’t go crazy.
Our desire to tightening us become each day pass always bigger, and my wish to touch your mole has become my forbidden desire.
Even if i can feel your lips are leaned on mine, and we fly together in that magical world, where we can see our emotions wrapping us and make feel us, beyond everything. 
What we are feeling from five years is only our magic: only ours, and nobody can’t destroy it. 

Our love is only ours.
It’s enough to throw away the air from the lungs, and everything slowly begins to turn, and Our Parallel World is rasing delicately around us.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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