“Closed the door” – ◘19◘

The very first things we looked at were our hands, and slowly you have tightened mine in your.

We have took a glimpse forward, we knew that Raikin was waiting for us in that building, but for what we wanted doing it was still so far.
I wanted know if my experiment would worked or not.

We were looking with careful each creatures that was going ahead. 

We were looking at us around, and the very first thread- like creature had made his first appearing in the solitary village, was  looking at himself around as if he was smelling something in the air, and he was looking at us only: it seemed that he knew that we had something dangerous, that we could throw it against him.

Our friends went on ahead, holding those small bottles in their stranges hands, and they were looking for to understand when they had to spray those few drops, and when they were about to do it, they have noticed the glances petrified of those greenish creatures, and we had understood that Raikin had sent the inhabitants of the village first, those less brave, those who could freely die. 

We had understood the situation, when one of the thread-like creature placed himself in front to one of the small creature and he didn’t have made anything. We were enough far, but we could perceive all the fear of both side, when the thread-like creature have started to scream with a tremble in his voice, without thinking aboout it, i screamed to the creature who he had in front: “Spray it, set him free!”, the creature that had the small bottle have spray some few drops on the thread-like creature, and in few seconds, like from a cocoon in fire has came out another creatures who recognized the opponent, and he didn’t wanted fight him. 

But after this first test, from the buildings along the village came out in mass all the very thread-like creatures, and in few seconds the real hell was unleashed.
All the thread-like creatures have started to scream louder they could, and their screams were so piercing, that some of our friends fallen on ground with their ears bleeding, and some small bottles has fallen breaking, and by now cover all the village with those potions it was impossible.

We were attending to that show without could do anything, and we were terrified. I was seeing my plan going in pieces, and on my face  it could see the complete defeat. Some thread -like creature were died, and some of the magical blood could only burn them superficially, and even with some burns on their skin, they could go on, without give us respite.
And what it was hammering my head it was one only thought: in comparison to those greenish creatures, we were really few, and now i was looking at you with one only hope. Without say nothing i have take a look to the small bottle that you was holding tight in your hand, and only after have looked at it, i thrown you a glance,  you who was looking at everything without breathing.

Our friends had recognized others inhabitants and  with the few drops, were been capable to set them free, and once free, had have the directions, they have set free more creatures possible, but often, as soon free, they were killed, and all the effort, was vanish in a blink. 

The magical blood vanish all of in a sudden, and now the only one intact small bottle was ours.
Our hearts were beating like two jackhammers, and we were walking really slow toward the fence with the only shield we had: the white giant who was looking at himself around, who was killing or knocking out those few thread-like creatures still standing who trying to approaching to us, now no longer for touch the pendant, but to try eliminate us.

Walking in the middle of the mainstreet was becoming more dangerous than we could imagine, and despite you had even your black knife, you wanted protected me more than you could, and reach the Raikin building was the  most important thing that we had to do, between that chaos, and as soon the white giant reminded where he was hiding himself, without say nothing and yanked us inside of that alley.

He said us to follow him until the end of the alley, and there he indicated us a iron stairs, and he said: “Follow the catwalk and you will arrive directly to the building of Raikin, you have to go alone. Here they have need me”, and we knew what he was talking about. Those few creatures that, they had set free, they had to be brought in a safe place until everything wasn’t end, and the last chapter had to be written yet.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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