I can feel your arms that sweetly are embracing me from behind, and your breathe is enveloping everything around, and slowly you turn me. 

Our glances meet and you smiling me sweetly. your arms are tightening me more to you. 
We doesn’t say anything,  they are  enough only our touches, and you are caressing my face, and i throw away all the air from the lungs. 

I can see your mole and when i look at at it and in a blink we are flying inside Our Parallel World. 
You let me touch it, and in all of  sudden everything become how we always wished: delicate, and our hearts are beating at unison, and we know that  our emotions are about to explode at the same time: we can feel them that are enveloping us. 

You are holding my hips, and i can feel our soft punch in the stomach growing faster, and our minds are connecting always more.
You are pulling me toward you, and my hands are touching your chest. Your heart is beating like a crazy. 
You lifting up my face toward you, and you whisper the most sweet words that i can hear, despite our distance. 
And our connection it’s here.
Everything is exploding around us and that thin thread is making always bigger each day is pass by, and the only thing we can do is hold back the breathe for throw it away from the lungs, and shaking our heads, because we feel our closeness become the only emotion in which we want live in.

It’s so big that it is leave us always more breathless, and that’s what we are feeling in these instants, and that’s the reason we are shaking terribly.
We need of our embraces, and everything is passing.  
We need of each other.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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