“Our glances” – ◘18◘

Didn’t wanted take off one from another, and i was understanding that in your mind was reigning only one question, that it was present in each one in the hut. And now that everybody had contribuited, it was right that i was going to explaining what i had in mind.

Each one had in hand two small bottles with their own magical blood, and they were looking at it astonished, almost surprised how the power of the pendant made its way in the red fluid.
Slowly i began to explain.

“Everybody knows that effect the pendant has on the thread-like creatures ”  and i looked at the white giant in the middle of the hut. “They are attracted by its light, but if they try to touch it we know how they end. I have to be sincere: i don’t know if this experiment will works, but if  it’s like i think, it should work.
Now even your blood has taken part of the magic of the pendant. In these small bottles, there is maybe the greatest magic potion that this dimension ever have had known, and in short time, even if we are few, we can bring back everything as  how it was before. 
I asking you to collect all your courage, and get out, and spread the content of these small bottles for create a magical shield along all the village, so that the thread-like creatures still around don’t approach us.”
And so i looked at one by one our friends that i had set free, then i looked at you who had understood where i wanted go to end, but you knew even that among those else thread- like creatures there were others creatures like them, and i didn’t know how to say it: you have did for me.

“We know that outside there are still many friends of you, and maybe it will be hard, try to approach them, and maybe even with few drops you can set free them”. Saying this you have looked at me, and i beckoned.
Each one of them, now were staring the small bottles that had in hands, and were looking at the strange effect that was making the light while merging with their blood, and we did the same.

Now everybody knew what was their duty, and slowly i asked to the skinny woman to give me back our small bottle, and this time been you that have taken it, and for a second, you have stared the strange colors that were merging one with the others.
And without asking, you knew that that small bottle would be used in another way. 

The fluid inside was different  from the others. You was still looking at it, and in a sigh, i said: “It’s the most powerful… we will use it against Raikin”. When you have heard the name of Raikin, immediately, you have lifted up your face, and you have looked at me with wide eyes open, and i nodded.
It seemed that in those instants, we didn’t wanted do nothing, but instead we collecting all our forces to get ready to get out and face up to those thread- like creatures who were starting again screaming.

We threw away all the air from the lungs, and the three women have given the latest small bottle to the only creature who hadn’t it, and really slow, the hut door opened, and one by one the smallest creatures came out, who were looking at themselves around.
They knew exactly what to do. The hadn’t to waste not even a drop of that magical blood. They had to spread it only once seen the thread- like creatures. 
We have could hear their screams, but we hadn’t still see them.

Even the thread-like creatures had perceived something, and were in safe distance, but however their screams were well audible everywhere, and surely Raikin had perceived that small dangerous changing, and maybe he was get preparing himself too. 
The small creatures went on ahead, and till now they hadn’t used their potion, but however they were ready. 

The solitary village main street was covered by a thin dust, and to each blow of wind, was creating small eddies that was taking away everything they meet, and a surreal silence was cover everything, and those screams were echoing, and seemed scariest than usual.

We were ready to come out but the big white creature has stopped us: he wanted to be sure that none of the thread-like creatures were remained close to the hut. He looked at straight into our eyes, and he said: “I exit first” and with his sweet glance, he looked at me and he beckoned. I gave smile  him back, then i thrown a glance toward you, and sweetly you have looked at my hand, and sweetly you have took it, and slowly we made those few steps to reach the door. 

Inside the hut the three women had said us to be careful. We have stared them. We turned and we threw away all the air from the lungs, and we made the first steps toward the solitary village.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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