Tell me

What you feel, when our connection begins. I feel your arms around my belly that sweetly tightening me more to you, and our electric shocks begins to cross our minds delicately.

While in your glance i can perceive all the magic of Our Parallel World, and when i soft touch your small mole explodes around us, and everything vanish, and remain only us in that room of our apartmant. 

Everything is magical inside our apartment. 
I can feel your hands surrounding my hips stronger, and your breath is increase always more when your eyes meet mine. 

I can hear your words: “Don’t leave me”, and i can only close the eyes, for then re open them, and i can feel our connection stronger. 
I only whisper: “You are the most beautiful thing that has happened in my life” despite our real distance, i feel your closeness stronger than ever.

Something bigger than us has wanted uniting us in that strange way, and only us we can feel it inside us, inside our hearts, and above all inside our minds, and everything is so magical.
And only now, i’m realizing that what i wrote in my novel is what has happened and still happening among us. 

Our Dancing Souls, were our souls that were destined to be together, and everything what we are living are all our feelings that intertwining each other: they are the most strong feeling that we are living, since it has begin this magic among us.
Without realizing of that, we were destined to be together from long time even before we met in this strange way, and in someway i described in a perfect way  your feeling in that chapter. 

I know you, even better than yourself, and maybe this is that is bonding us so strong.
It’s still so strange, but it’s so. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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