“During” – ◘17◘

Those next hours, you had slept few, and  at each my jolt, you have checked that it was everything ok.

Yes, you had close the eyes, but for each thing you was hearing, you had you black knife under the pillow, ready to be used.

Ocasionally the wind was knocking the hut door, but outside the window was everything ok, but everytime the door creaking, your heart was beating like a jackhammer.

The only thought that was calming you, was me who was sleeping peaceful between your arms, while the new light of the pendant, slowly, was enveloping all the hut, and it seemed that it seemed had enveloped even your being.

To have the certain of that, you delicately took again the pendant in your hand, and  its light seemed didn’t disincreasing, and for that, you held back the breathe for the throw it away from the lungs.

During that night, you will have slept at maximum two hours, but for you those hours were enough. 
In your mind were running alot of thoughts, and above all, you was looking to put up a a plan that it have would dealed ok everybody, but above all that it have would put less in danger me.

Looking at the light of the pendant was spreading in the hut, your last thought has get back to my dance, when you have definetly closed the eyes, and you have followed the sound of the wind the was craddling you.

In the next hours, you was the last to wake, while everybody were rounding in the hut, and when you have noticed me walking without limping, you have stared at me astonished, but however you came to me taking my hand, and asking: “Do you rembember something about tonight? How do you feel?”, approaching me more to you, and when our foreheads touched, seemed your anxiety gone away, and it seemed that there were no need to reply to your questions: they seemed came out so, because they had to came out. 

Everything what you had seen, it was even a healing process, and the light of the pendant entering inside me, had healed the wound, and now i could be of help to find a way to defeat Raikin. 
The pendant had gained all its magical power and it had enough for everybody. 
And now, with the three women i was looking for a way to transfoming that light in something that it may be spray in all that solitary village to moving away the thread- like creatures, and leaving to move us freely, and maybe,  i had found it. 

Few drops of blood came out from my wound, but what i had noticed it had left me breathless: the light of the pendant was penetred even in those few drops, and i had asked to look for collect them in a small bottle, but then what i had noticed it was that it was really not enough for what i had in mind.

Maybe it was a madness, but in the gentliest way possible, i had asked everybody to make themselves a small wound to collect more fluid possible, and i knew that their cuts would be immediately healed, but i didn’t know how it have would react on you, who was the person closer to me: you had attended to the whole healing process, and even though, you hadn’t noticed, your being, like mine,  was brigther than everybody else.

When everybody had wounded themselves, and the three women collected their blood in the small bottles, i thrown a glance to the skinny woman who immediately have passed me  the first small bottle in which there were my few drops, and slowly i approached to you, and staring the small bottle i had in hand, i whispered: “With this,  we will have more protection”, and delicately i slid your black knife from your hand, and eyes straight into your, i have took your palm and i wounded you.

Carefully i collected each drop that was came out, and without take my eyes off you, i gave the small bottle to the skinny woman, and then you have tightened me more to you, and in that suspended moment our lips touched, and in that kiss, the light of the pendant that once was well distinguishable between me and you, now it was merged one with another, and your wound was immediately vanish. 
And now, even our bond became stronger than before. 

In front each other, you have looked at me then you have took the pendant between your hand, you have looked at it for a moment, then in a whisper you said: “Now not even Raikin, can’t destroy us”, and your glance met again mine, and delicately i caressed your face, reaching your tiny mole.”



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