When i feel

Your closeness next to me, it’s impossible to try to pretend nothing. 

It’s stronger  than anything else: i have to stop to do what i’m doing and i have to write what i’m feeling. 

Our connection it’s stronger than ever.
I hold back the tears, but some are rolling on my face, and i start to shake like a leaf. 

My heart is about to explode, and i can feel your arms around my belly, and your sweet breathe is like new oxygen that is entering in my body. 

When i see your smile, everything vanish, and when my eyes falling on that your small mole, i can stop to live in this world, beacause in it i see Our Parallel World, and everything  is wonderful what it contains. 
Sweetly our foreheads are touching, and our hands are uniting. 

You are pulling me toward you delicately, and in a soft whisper you call my name. 
I lifting up my face, and our glances meeting. 
You are smiling. I remain breathless, and i continue to shake.
Sweetly you start to talk to me.
Only my soul can perceive what you saying: they are the most beautiful whispered words i have ever heard.

Our soft punch in the stomach is growing fast simultaneously.
We both see Sowelo and Hagalaz. We can only throw away all the air from the lungs: we know their meaning. 

And everything what they want to say us i see in your tiny mole, and a lump is growing in the throath: i have difficulties to swallow. I throw away the air from the lungs, knowing that you are feeling the same, and despite we are so far one from  another, you can feel this bond that is uniting us always more, each day is passing by, and i feel it just looking at you staring Our Parallel World in your mole.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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