“Now it was” – ◘16◘

Time to rest, even though, in my mind were running some scenes of what i had faced up few hours ago, and breathing slow it was impossible. I could feel your heart got calm just in those instants in which you had embraced me, and i had placed my hand on your chest. 

You didn’t have say nothing, but i have could hear what your mind was repeating like a broken record: “You haven’t did nothing wrong”. 

When you have realized that i was about to sleep, you tranquilized yourself, and even you have close the eyes, not before to have checked the pendant that i had on the neck, and delicately you have took in hand, giving it a look  you was looking for some magical sign, but you haven’t seen nothing, so you have replaced it on my chest, and throwing away delicately the air from the lungs, even you have closed the eyes, but however during those hours, you was careful at each noise outside the hut. 

You have could hear that i was sleeping deeply, and it was meaning that i was recovering all my forces. 
From the window opposite to the bed, you have checked that it was everything ok. 
The rain had stopped to fall, and the wind was sweeping away all those grey clouds that had characterized the scenario in which i had fought, and the pale light of the moon was painting by blu the sky.

Slowly a beam  of the moon entered through the window, and really slow was reaching the edge of the bed, and you was lookin at this approaching, half asleep. You was still embracing me, protecting from each thing that have could hurt me, but when that beam, softly has made light on the pendant, the pendant itself  has spreaded again its purple light around me, and you woke completly and in hurry have left the bed, and astonished you have stared the whole scene standing still next the wooden chair, and for what you was seeing, at certain point you had have to sit. 

Breathless, you was attending, maybe, to the most beautiful magic you had ever seen.
Delicately, like inside a soft wind, that beam of the moon have took me, and raising me, it have started to making me turn.
You have sighed my name hoping to wake me, but i was still sleeping, or was in in a sort of trance? This you couldn’t to know, but it seemed i didn’t realizing  of nothing. 

I had the eyes closed, but i my arms moving like in a dance, and that soft blow of wind it seemed enter inside me, and little by little, the pendant seemed gaining again its internal light, while inside the room you have could perceive something new, and new perfumes were surronding the hut.

For a second you have had closed the eyes and held back the breathe for then throw it away from the lungs.
Something beyond your conscious had made you close the eyes, and when you have opened them again, i was softly falling again in bed, and as if nothing happened i continued to sleep. 
Slowly you came next to the bed, you kneeled yourself in front of me, you have sighed my name and i have stretched my hand, and we touched delicately. 

While you entering again in bed, that beam of light was softly entering inside the pendant, and slowly it seemed that the pendant itself had taken to live again, pulsing and spreading inside the hut that soft light, that you knew well.
You have wanted examine the pendant closer, and as the first time, you have took it in hand, but you hadn’t see nothing: on the contrary, it seemed that that light was disincreasing. 
Noticed, you have placed it again on my skin, and as soon it was placeed again on me, its light has become brighter.

You knew that from that moment on, me and the pendant were bonded by an invisible and magical thread, and whoever next to me it would protected by its magic.
Aware of that, you have looked at me sweetly, and caressing me, you have whispered my name, and in that instant i dived myself into your chest, and you have tightening me gently, and feeling my breathe that was merging with your, you took my hand placing it on your chest.

Whispering once again my name, you have give a glimpse to outside the window: now, the sky was full of stars. 
Slowly, you have held back the breathe for then throw it away. 
You have looked at me, and kissing my  forehead, you have closed the eyes.”


Listen to it 


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