You have

Sweetly embraced me whispering my name, and i opened the eyes, turning toward you, and we delicately have threw away the air from the lungs.
How much we desire to wake each morning like this.
We sigh our names, and we can feel our hearts beating strong. 

Our soft punch in the stomach is growing always faster, while we feel our eletric shocks delicately crossing or minds, like sweet caresses. 
Our souls are touching despite our distance, and our thread is stronger, making approaching us always more.

I can feel your arms tightening my hips always more, and i can do only one thing: hold back the breathe, until i feel your breathe is wrapping me, like  the most sweet embrace that you can give me.
I can feel your soft lips on my neck, and your fingers are crossing with mine, and my name is like an enchanment pronnoucing by you. 

Slowy Our Parallel World is raising around us, and our hearts delicately are merging one with another. 
I’m starting to shake like a leaf, but you are assuring me that everyting isn’t a dream: it’s everything true, and despite we are so far one from another, you feel the same what i’m feeling in these instants. 
You take my hands and you are placing it on your chest. It is beating like a jackhammer. 
Our heads is touching and without say nothing we are saying us everything.

Slowly we are throwing away all the air from the lungs. 
You are caressing my face, and i’m reaching your mole. 
We shyly smiling, remaining in silence.
A tiny tears is rolling from my face.
It’s one of the greatest emotions i’m feeling in these instants.



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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