“He left” – ◘15◘

The fence leaving suspended those sentences that were left us breathless.
In front of the hut was a battlefield, with thread like-creatures by now died and some of he their bodies in recognizable for the burns, and some of them were sweep away from the wind that it was the only sound that we could hear, and it seemed that even breathing, was a unecessary thing.

Raikin had left something unexplicable inside us: like a fear to moving ourselves.
We remained standing still, until we didn’t have see his silhouette vanish in the village, and we remained like this until we haven’t heard that overhead door creaking, and we jolted when we have listened to his heavy breathe filling that building.
In someway, i had changed his plans, and what we had thought to heard wasn’t his heavy breath, but an anger scream, and now that the atmosphere in which he had immobilized us, was vanished, you have looked the whole scenario that it was presenting in front of us, then slowly you face turned toward mine, and our glance met.

Sweetly you have said everybody: “Let’s enter!”, without though take your eyes off me. 
And in that glance there was just one question, that everybody were making, knowing that i was the only who could give an answer. 
Even the three women have looked at me for a bit astonished, then have looked at  glimpse to the hut and its conditions. 
You have took me among your arms and then you have make me sit on the only wooden chair dry and able to support my little weight. 

I knew that i had to give them a reply as soon as possible, but despite i was forcing myself, my mind was emptied, and i wasn’t able to reasoning.
In few time, the hut was came back to the original aspect, and now there was a new bed, and the floor was covered by  a sort of  straw, and from outside, the creatures that i had set free, were settling that thatch roof, by now broken.

I was looking at everybody who were working faster than they could to return in a status of normality, for at end, resting. 
They knew, that have would several hour to rest, and maybe they have would do for the very first time after that long period of prisoning.
The only one who, ocassionally was throwing worry glance toward me, was you. Sometimes you was leaving what you was doing to come to me, and kneeling in front, you was asking if everything was ok. 
Taking your hand, i have assured you that maybe it was a of tiredness, but you knew well that it was something else, and in my glance, you could read only a name. 

Yes, you had right. I had only Raikin name in my head and i wasn’t capable to take off it from my mind. 
That one his sentence: ” I left you to win” was echoing in my mind, and i was looking for a way  how to come out, but maybe there wasn’t.

He have wanted see with who he had to do, and maybe, he was already, putting in act his plan.
I had acted spontaneously, and with that one, i had used all my forces.
When i touched the thread-like creatures, the magical power of the pendant had crossed all my body, and all my energies were disincreased, and Raikin was waiting for a move like that, to act just in the moment in which i was weaker, and we hadn’t study yet another plan to fight back.

You kneeling in front of me, watching all that one process that was passing in mind and only through the eyes, you could perceive, all my fear about a unexpected attack, and in a whisper i said: “I have made a mistake, i had to follow your advice” looking at you and the others with wide eyes open.

That sentence everybody had listened to it despite i had whispered it, and then they have looked the three women, with one only question and then they have looked the three women, with one only question and just the white big creature have had the courage to formulate it: ” How long does it take to recharge the pendant?” and he looked at in  particolarly the skinny woman who at her turn was looking at me.
It seemed that one reply had to come from me. Her glance toward mine was so insistent that i understood, and i replied for her: “All depends how much energies i spent standing outside.”

Everybody were looking at me astonished, and even in the glances of the  creatures it was painting again a bit of terror.
They had settling the hut, but now, were looking at me worry. I had to recover all my energies and to do it i had to sleep well.
The three women had invited everybody else to enter in the seccond room of the hut, and they said to leave us alone.

When they have left the room, has fallen a silence in which you have could hear all my thoughts, my doubts and above all my fears about what i had done was wrong, but sweetly you have took me from that chair and delicately you have laid me on the bed, lying even you, have embracing me tight, and  without realizing i fell asleep while you was assuring me that i had did nothing wrong.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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