“Our biggest fear” – ◘14◘

Was that Raikin slowly was presented himself in front of the fence in front to the small street that was divide the hut from the solitary village.

Those thread-like creatures were became more dreadful, and in their screams we could perceive their desire of revenge, and it was that got scaring us more.

We were rushing against the time that we hadn’t, and the rain had started to fall again, and it was creating an atmosphere rather terrificant.
Despite we were in the hidest room of the hut, we were feeling petrified. 
From the unique window of the room, we could see a scenario standing still, as much it seemed standing still, it wasn’t. 

The blue moon in the sky was spreading his pale light, while the strong wind was knocking the rain against the window, and it seemed entered in the main hut: the only sign that it was so, it was that, little rivulets of water entering through the slot of that door, and we inside in the hut we could not do anything as far the three women hadn’t find yet a method to neutarilze the thread-like creatures who had prisoned in their bodies the other inhabitants of the village, and for now, we were prisoners in own jail. 

Every tool that the three woman were using was in the other room, and now everybody were looking at me, as their unique way to exit from that situation, while you was the only who wanted denied me to attempt the only idea that slowly was growing in my mind, but now, as much i was loving you, i had to take that decision alone, and i took the big paw of who could really defend me once exit from the hut.

I came in front of you, and delicately our heads touched, and i only have could hear your: “Don’t go”. I looked at you, and as much i wanted  follow your desire, i have slide your black knife from your hand into mine, and you have held it until i looked at the white beast, and he has opened the door, and while he closing, you have looked at him with wide eyes open. There were been a sharing of glances in those seconds, in which you have say everything to the giant, and with an only beckon, he made you understood that he have would do everything to protect me.

A sense of void has pervaded everybody, especially us, when he close the door of the second room of the hut.
And when he took off the big paw from door handle, immediately he took my little hand and without say nothing he has smiled me.

While we were about to exit, i have checked the status of the hut, and it was in a bad condition: the floor was an immense puddle, and my foots sank in the floor, but as soon my  big friend noticed, he took me in his arms, and so we came out. 

Immediately to our right there were the big mass of the thread-like creatures who still continuing to screams, and now slowly they were following us, while i whispering my friend to approach to them, in way that i could touch them, more time possible, even only the time for a longer electric shocks: some of them fell on the ground like fainted, and some of them were instantly burnt, and they were other inhabitants of that village: other creatures who soon after have recognized my friend, and without to look at beyond they have placed next to their found again friend.
They weren’t many, but as much they were few, they were enough to fight those already on the ground, and it was easy defeated them.

Inside the hut, you and the three witches came out, and slowly you have opened the door, and as soon you have seen me still on the shoulder of our friend, have threw a breath of relief.
That what i have thought to don’t do, has been the easiest.
But we had almost forget Raikin. He was still there next to the fence observing, quite. 
We had taken life again to three or four creatures who were checking all around.
The rain was fallling hard in that moment, and it was hard to distinguish even few meters from the fence.

With caution you have made enter everybody, while you didn’t take off your glance from me, asking me how did i feel, you made sliding the knife from my hand, and only when you was about to close the door, we everybody, have recognized that metallic sound, and our blood frozen. 

Slowly we turned, and we had glimpsed him.
He was so quite, but in his quiteness, seemed say:  “This time you have won. I left you to win. The next time you will have me as your opponent.” and with his top hat in head, he turned and he was vanished walking slow inside the village.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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