My heart

Is beating strong and i’m biting my lips.
I feeling your closeness around in this bedroom, and when i close the eyes i can feel your arms around my hips, and our electric shocks are delicately crossing our minds. 
I losing myself in your glance, and when my gaze fall just there, i just hold back the breathe. 

There i see our whole Our Parallel World, and i coud remain  for hours to look at it, and just at end touch it delicately. 

That skin imperfection, is the most perfect thing i ever seen, in which are enclose every our emotions, and it make me beat my heart so strong each time i stare it, and everything to turn fast like in a vortex.
Little by little everything is vanish, while is growing Our Parallel World, and our connection begin to bonding us stronger.

I can perceive our soft punch in the stomach making itself more persistent, and even you are feel it inside you. 
Delicately we throw away all the air from the lungs, while we opening the eyes and what we are seeing is our apartment that delicately is wrapping us. 
Everything is wonderful. 
We can only hear only our breath. 

I close the eyes and you are tightening me more to you, while our heads are touching, and our glances are losing one in another, and i see from where everything is born, and you let me touch it, while you start moving my hips, and your voice sigh my name.

I caress it delicately, and you caress my face, softly smiling.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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