“Everybody” – ◘13◘

Have looked at me as if i knew what i was doing, while i was looking at the big creature in his whole beauty, and i was still holding his paw in my little hands. 
In those seconds, we were astonished for different reason, but with only anwser in our mind: the pendant was the reply for that one we have need in that moment. 
In our minds was formating the reason because the thread-like creatures could not approach to us, and even if they tried touch us, were crossed by those electric shocks. 

Now that i was wearing it had gained more magical power than before, and without realizing me, i had shorcut each step that we had thought to do. 

You was looking at me shaking your head, still astonished for what you had as soon saw, and delicately you have accompanied me to laid in bed, i was still limp, but it seemed the pain was disincreasing really fast, but you was still worry, and i have followed your sweet advices.

Now it was time to put down a plan to convice the other creatures prisoned in the body of the thread-like creatures to follow us, and it was the turn of the the three women to find a way to transfer the magical power of the pendant in a sort of liquid or something else to spread it to the others one, while we had to study a plan to approach them without unleash their warning screams. 

It was dangerous for me to go out again to find to touch one by one the other creatures: it was literally impossible, especially with the leg that was still hurted me. 
We had to find another way at any cost.

Now we could counting also to the big beast, who have leaned on the ground next to me, and ocassionally we shared sweet glances, and i could caress his soft white and brownish fur. He was still admiring his found again aspect in that small mirror in his big paws. while the thread-like creatures were screaming to the hut, as if they wanted scare us. 
We could only imagine why their screams were became badder, and to those screams, the big beast had stopped himself with the small mirror in the paw.

“When you have gave me back my real nature, my thread-like creature has been burnt: one of them has gone, he doesn’t  will no longer get back, their anger will grow up always more, and it will increase even that of Raikin: i have see it, and it very dangerous”. 
While he was saying it, even the three women remained to listen to, and to the end their glance was frightened, but only one them didn’t seemed have fear of him, ad it was the skinny one.

She knew better the Raikin behaviour, and she seemed don’t worry, but however she was worry about the thread-like creatures that she didn’t knew so enough, and they seemed have taken the baddest and hidest part of Raikin. 
Their screams were collect the scarest part of each one f us, and with those creatures, we  were obliged to look at them, and it was that got scare her much. It was useless that she explained it us: we had saw it throught our eyes just few hours ago, and slowly our gazes turned toward the white and brown creature next to me, who has looked at me with his sweet eyes, and i have caressed his enormous head.

Now that Raikin had lose one of his thread-like creature, was trying to get scare us more, but above all to motivate more his creatures, and it seemed he was able to. 

The three women were looking for a method to transfer the magic of the pendant inside a small bottle, but their thoughts were more focused on those screams that seemed always more closer than before, as much that i have asked you to check trought the slots of the door, and when you have seen a couple of shadows moving quickly, you haven’t say nothing, but you have took me between your arms, and in a whisper you have made understand to everybody else to enter in the second room of the hut. 

A couple of thread-like creatures were able to followed us and to hid themselves, and they had saw everything what has happened inside the hut, as soon they have understand that we were trying to extract the magical power from the pendant, they made the way to distract the three women with their screams, and in this way, they even, had call the others, warning even their owner.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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