“As soon” – ◘12◘

Entered the first thing you have done was to laid me on bed and whispered to the old skinny woman to check my leg, even though i didn’t wanted admit, you knew it hurt me, and immediately she passed me a glass of water with the two crystals, and she said to drink it slow. I looked at you, and after i sighed a soft: “Thank you”, while you was tightening my hand. 

Right after, all the glances were moved toward the thread- like creature who was looking at the whole scene, aware of how much powerfuf those three witches were, and how much they could do to overturn all that situation. 

We were staring at him, and in his glance we could glimpse a bit of fear, but i whispered: “It will goes all right” and in that sentence, i have could see his glance got calm.

The three woman were studying him in each his particular, while murmuring something, turning around him
He was to the centre of the hut, while the candle lights were dancing around the room, painting on the walls stranges shadows: only you had recognized among them the real nature of that big creature, and you was remained astonished. It seemed that there was an interioral fight among the thread-like creature and the real nature of that big beast, and only in those instants you have could feel the strugglement of who you was looking at in silence, and looking at him straight into his eyes, and in a thread of voice: “Can you do something?” you have asked to the women, then you have looking at me holding my hands stronger, but an answer there was no yet.

It had started to rain again and from the roof was falling some raindrops, and on the floor it was forming a small puddle, and slowly inside of it was revealing the real form of that giant, and only i realized that i tightened your hand more, and with wide with eyes open, i have i indicated the puddle looking at that greenish thread-like creature in front of me, who was trying to rebel himself to the ambient in which he was, and was trying to scream to ask help to the others one outside next to the fence.

The thread-like creature was attempting to escape from the hut, but the will force of the host was stronger than him, but however you had to be hold him tight and despite he was one against four, he was stronger. 
I was on the bed and was trying to conviced him to resist, but even my efforts seemed useless when i decided to help the others to keep him, and with some difficulties i got up, i approached me to him, forgetting  about the pendant.

That puddle was growing faster and faster: the dry topsoil wasn’t able no longer to absorb quickly all the rain that was falling from the roof, and that puddle was next to few centimetre to us. 
The screams of the other thread-like creatures were calling him, looking for to approaching themselves to the hut. 
The creature who was prisoning the beast was going mad.
You and the others women, were exhausted. You had looked at me, and in your glance i have could  read: “We have attempted it!”,  while you was holding him tight, i have sighed: “Wait!”

I had to try. I approached me more to the greenish creature, while in his glance i could see all the pain he was feeling, and rather than to don’t set free he was prefer to continue to live in that terrible way. 
“I know what you are feeling. We haven’t keep in consideration that the call of the thread-like creatures is stronger that everything else, but you are stronger than them. Look at me, and say me what you see inside that puddle”.
The thread-like creature seemed relaxed and only when he look at inside the puddle he recognized his real nature, while the real magic was accomplishing. 
I was holding his thin paws that little by little were becoming a real big furry paws, and that greenish creature was burning and his real nature was taking place, inside that hut. 
He wasn’t realizing of that changing, while everybody, included me, were staring him for the very first time. 
My eyes were getting wet by tears, while i still holding his paws in my hands. 

All of a sudden, he asked: “What’s happened?”, and immediately, after the skinny old woman has passed me a small mirror and i gave it to him. He remained breathless for what he was seeing. It was the very first time, after a long period that he could carress his own fur, and as if he didn’t wanted admit it even to himself, he has wanted to see his foot print on that floor by now totally wet by the rain, and like a child, he got wet his big foot and he has left his print on the ground, and when he saw it, has started to smile as he wasn’t doing from long time.

We everybody have joined us to his joy, and you have looked at me proud to have solved a situation that was going to worsting.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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