“We could still” – ◘11◘

Hear the screams of the thread-like creatures of Raikin who were chasing us, but we were already, well hid inside a building just few meters distant to that other one. 
We were taking breathe again, while we could see the creatures moving in mass toward the fence, looking at themselves around and screaming always louder.

Tranquilized, we have examined where that creature had brought us, and it was the exact contrary of the Raikin’s building. To you had reminded that alley in which you had met him for the first time: small and narrow, but well protected, and for sure not a good place to hid, instead for this reason it was the good one, in fact the thread- like creatures, were looking for us to the opposite side.  

“When i have see you came out from the hut, i wanted to warned you, but the others have started to scream, and i couldn’t have do the same” – the creature said, and at end he asked: “Why you were came out once again?” 
He was looking at us fascinated by the light of the pendant, and he slowly was approching for touch it, but i stopped him in time.

I held his thin slimy hand, and in a sigh, i said: “We can set free you and the other creatures from the Raikin spell… we have noticed that are very few the followers of him, and we have indetified the inhabitants of this village: in your glances there is still the dread, and we have understand that if we can destabilize him, we can bring back everything he have stealed you.”
He seemed enchated by what i was saying him, but one thing, he didn’t have understand, and i hadn’t the courage to tell him: inside me, i was waiting for that question, and when it came out, i held back the breathe and i have looked at you with wide eyes open.
“How can you set free me?” 

For a long instant  we remained in silence: it seemed that each one of us were searching for to enter in the mind of who had in front, but after another minute, we gave up ourselves, and the only sound we could hear, were our breathe that were merging with the breeze outside. 
The thread- like creature knew that the answer as much easy it was, could contain small dangers, that even us we had put in count, but it was a danger that we had to run.

With all the calmness you had, have explained him that the three witches prisoned in the hut, could set free him, but the only danger it was that he had to enter in the hut without make himself see from the others, and stay with us till the women hadn’t found an antidote to give again him his real aspect, and saying this, you have looked at  me, and i beckoned to the creature.

He looked at each other a bit scared, but  i assured him saying that it was more dangerous stay than try to escape  with us, and with that small sentence, in his glance, you have could see that lost gaze that you had see in that puddle in that alley, but you haven’t say nothing. You have could see that glimmer  of hope of freedom that he hadn’t never lose, and just after seconds, you have sigh him: “You could find it again”. 

Inside that small and thin body there was an enormous creature who wanted set free himself from those chains that he found himself to wear all of a sudden. 
It seemed, he had to think about it  still, but we knew that he had already decided to follow us.
He was looking at himself around, as if he was searching another way to exit from that building, and then he said: “Follow me!”
And with the certainty that he would have come with us, you have took me between your arms, and you have followed him inside more that building, and opening another door we came out and it seemed it was even that we came out from the service door of that village.

We came out from that village without that nobody noticed us, and now we could have see the hut at our left.
The only street lamp in that small street seemed illuminate us the way of return without any obstacle, but we had prefered to arrived to the hut from the wood that was surrounding it, but the only entrance from where we had to enter was in front of the fence, and for enter we had to wait for some seconds, thing that we had not.

Placed us behind the big tree behind the hut i have started to knock the walls of it, and when the three women have seen us throught the windows, enter has been faster than we could imagine.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“As you had” – ◘10◘

“As soon” – ◘12◘⇒

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