You are

Looking at me so, sweetly and i’m starting to shake. 
I’m looking at you and delicately you approach to me, tightening me my hips, wispering sweet words. 
I close the eyes and your words are piercing my soul.

Our connection is about to begin, and everything is turning, while all around us is vanishing, and little by little Our Parallel World is raising in front of us. 
Your are soft touching my belly, and you are asking me if i are able to feel it. 
“Sure, i feel it”. 
You start to feel even our small communication through the small electric shocks. 

For you it’s almost everything new, but you can perceive it’s something wonderful. 
Our warmth is wrapping us, and delicately is taking us inside that apartment that is become part of our lives. You taking me and slowly, you are taking me in front of that window, and tightening me toward you, you are looking at me, whispering my name, and your head is touching mine. 

My breathe is growing fast, while your hands are gently touching my face, lifting it up toward your glance. and in those seconds everything stands in our eyes, while everything is exploding around us. 
You dosen’t take your glance off mine, and gently you are approaching to me to kiss my lips. 

Your hands are tightening me always more to you. 
I’m enveloped by your perfume. 
I could even go crazy.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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