“As you had” – ◘10◘

Figured, as as soon we came out, some thread- like creatures were there and they have seen us, they have started to scream always more louder, at each steps we were doing toward the fence, but like the first time, they were fascinated by the light of the pendant and, as if they didn’t remember were approached and have stretched their thin greenish arms, and as soon they have tried to touching us, the shield have given them a small electric shocks. One, two, three times, and  they gave up themselves, but for sure, with their scream, they had warned Raikin.

I looked at you, while you was going on. In your glance there was the determination to meet the thread-like creature who you had met in the alley, but for sure with that mess it wouldn’t be the time to explain everything with all the calm that we would wanted have. 
Raikin would be wake from his rest, and he would waited for our next moves, and he would react at his turn, and there was no a way to recognize that creature among that group who were walking at safe distance from us. 
They were all equal: everybody greenish thread-like, slimy, and with their tiny arms they were trying to touch us, and they walking in mass, maybe the only thing distinguished, were their eyes. 
Some of them were bloodshot, and some didn’t. 
I made you notice them.

In those eyes bloodshot, we could see the evilness, and we could perceived the those creatures didn’t belonged to that village, but they were creatures who were following Raiking from long time, and in their behaviour we could see that there was no longer any sign of that «humanity» that you had glimpsed in that creature who had revealed his real nature, and they seemed even treating bad those creatures who didn’t following their behaviour. 

In our walk toward that alley, now we were paying attention to the others, and immediately we had glimpsed the dread in their eyes.
Some of them imitating the screams, but they didn’t stared at us: they were looking at those creatures, with wide eyes open, hoping to do at the best what it was ordered to do.

In few time we had detected those creatures, that would have helped us in some ways to break down the Raikin empire, and establish once again the equilibrium in that dimension.
Your idea was to get back in that alley and wait for, but as soon came out from the hut, we knew that we would have to change plan. 

I have tightening me to you, and in a sigh i said: “And now?” 
By now we were surrounded by those thread-like creatures, and those less expert had left the field to those who were screaming louder, and even though, they knew that couldn’t approach to us, they have guided us into the Raikin building, and in front of the overhead door they pushed us inside of it, getting hurt themselves with the light of the pendant.

We weren’t ready to meet again Raikin.
Inside that building there was the same atmosphere that we had breathed the first time. 
Slowly i prayed you to put me down, and questioning me if i was sure, you have looked at me, you have helped me to don’t feel pain. You was tightening my hips, and walking slow,  i got directed toward the centre of the building, while we were listening to the same chains echoing around us, while from outside the thread-like creatures, this time were screaming  always louder, when that metallic sound has made shake everybody, and all of a sudden, Raikin has appeared for the first time in front of us, and he approached in a slow walk. 

He seemed came out from another era: his hands had black leather gloves, and he was keeping a cane. 
He was black dressed and he wore a top- hat, and his behaviour could to trick anybody.
You was tightening me more to you. You was ready to whatever else. 

He approached to me, and he took my hand and delicately he kissed it. I wanted escape away: my heart was beating strong, when he looked at the pendant first then me. He was fascinated by the light of the pendant and we remained speechless. The light of the pendant seemed didn’t hit him.

In those seconds, we had perceived something wrong, and in few seconds we knew that we had to do something, but we were trapped in something bigger, and Raikin has started to stared us, and began to laugh.
“You foolish!” and he was about to catch the pendant, while we could not move, when one of the thread-like creature was able to enter, wakening us from that status in which we were fallen, and immediately after, you have took me between you arms and we have running away, while Raikin was still laughing louder, ordering to the other creatures to chasing us.

But fortunately that thread- like creature knew a hid place where we could stay without to be find.
The creature was that one who we were looking for.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“You entered” – ◘9◘

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