“You entered” – ◘9◘

Completely wet, but as soon you have saw me next to the door, you haven’t think to get dry, but you have helped me to go in bed, with a serious glance. 
“You don’t have thought to your leg?” you asked me when i laid on bed, and i looked at you wide eyes open and i only shrugged and however the severe glance was changed when i softly  asked:” How it went?”

You have stared us for a bit in silent, then you have started to tell what the thread-like creature had told you, and as you i remained speechless when you have revealed the real nature of that creature, and you have stared the three witches when you have ended to telling me the story of the pendant, and slowly even i turned the glance toward the skinny old woman.

Even the others two seemed wait for that she began to speak.
“That pendant from long time has protect many people from the evil and from people like Raikin.
Raikin is the last one of the lineage of my worst enemies.
I was born under a noble descedent, and that pendant is always belonged to my family, but when Raikin was able to enchanted them from that moment i was sent away without a reason. 
The pendant was the only object that i was able to keep. Just after a long time i have discovered that had some magical power. When i met them, the real two witches, i learn many things about magic, and they taught me how increase the pendant power. 
Only Raikin knew the magical power of it. But only when he had realized that i was the owner of the pendant, i was already sent away. He has searched for me for long time, when at end he have found me, with another powerful spell, he caged us in this hut. He was disincreasing the power of the pendant when we have seen the shiny universe  in the bowl brighter, and i have let enter Daria.”

We remained speechless, and we remained breathless when we have realized that those women, were able to set free those few creatures using the last magical energy of the pendant, and they would be die if we weren’t landed.
They had set free those last creatures of that village, because Raikin would  have transform even them in their thread- like creatures.

And only now, in our minds were growing really quickly our plan: take again all the thread-like creatures to the their real form and dimension. 
We were looked at each other, thinking to the only thread- like creature that you have met. 
And now the only thought we had have in mind was to know, even us, that creature, for understand under what spell Raikin had caged him and the other creatures.

The three women knew many spells, but they had to know with which kind of spell they had to fight, and however meet the thread-like creature in person it would be easier and faster.
You was looking at me, but you knew well that you had to look at them, and with a delicate beckon, i guided your eyes toward them. 
It meant that you would have to came out once again, but this time it would be dangerest than earlier.
Now those creatures had  feeling your presence, and for sure, they had the eyes pointed on the hut. 

By now, the plan was that one, and only you have could come out and go inside that alley, but maybe unconscient on what i was about to say, i held your hand, and i said: “Take me with you” tightening the pendant in my hand. 
And those three women has stared you, knowing that now you had to take the last decision, and even though it was a madness, you knew that it was the only thing to do, without the danger that Raikin could transform you.

With a tacit deal, we threw away all the air from the lungs, and before to leave, the skinny woman has wanted checked my wound, and with a shy smile, she whispered: “It’s healed…” and she looked at me, and only with a glance she asked me if wanted to try to lean the leg on the ground. 
I looked at her, a bit scared, but you have sighed: “I’m here, if you have need some support… i’ll be always”. We tenderly looked at each other, and delicately i took you hand. I leaned the leg on the ground, but it hurted me still. 
We looked at each other, but without any sign of discomfort, you have took me, and together, we came out.”



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⇐“Even though” -◘8◘


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