You are

Around and i can feel your closeness. 
You have tightened my belly, and i woke whispering your name. 

Now my soft punch in the stomach is growing sweetly, and i know that you are staring me without say nothing, but i can perceive your hand surrounding my hips, and delicately our breath are merging one with another.

I can feel you are sweetly talking to me. I glimpse that necklace, and everything get back in mind.
I look straight into your eyes, and slowly i approach to you, while i hold back the breath. 
Delicately i unfastening your shirt and i slid my hand into your chest. 
I feel your heart is beating hard. 

Looking at you i whisper to close the eyes, while i placing your hand on my chest. Our heart are beating at unison. 
You look at me question: “How is it possible?”

It’s Our Parallel World. 
You pulling me toward you, and our heads are touching. We are looking at each other in silence 
A sweet smile is being born on our faces, and our hearts are about to explode at the same time. 
Everything is turning around us, while our souls are merging one with another. 

For you is one of the first time you can feel this sensation, and you are tightening me stronger, and i feel your hands on my hips. 
I see Uruz and Hagalaz, and the changing is accomplishing, we can feel it at the same time, despite we are one far from another. 

We look at each other straight into our eyes, and everything become soft, while you are tightening me toward you more, and i can hear you: “Don’t leave me”. 
I wouldn’t leave you  for nothing at this world. 
You are the most important person of my life. 

We are destined to be together, even in this way.
Throw away the air with me.
Our Parallel World is waiting for us.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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