Your sweetness

In your eyes set on mine, is the most beautiful thing i can perceive. 
My heart is beating strong, while i feel your hands surrounding my belly.
You are pulling me toward you. 

Our heads are touching, and our glance are diving one in another. 
Without say nothing you are saying me everything, and everything around me is transforming in Our Parallel World. 

We remain enchanted by who we have in front, and it’s enough to smile and what we are feeling become tangible and our desire to reach each other is stronger than ever. 

I can feel your hand caress my face, and i taken it. We remain for bit like this.
Then i place it on my chest, and my glance meet your.

Delicately you whisper my name, and sweetly you look at me and we remain like this. 
Our hands are touch each other, and one by one, our fingers are cross each other, while i start to shake, while you are tight me more to you.

Our glances are one in another.



Listen to it⇓⇓

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