“Even though” -◘8◘

The leg hurted me still, i asked to the women to give me a hand to get up to go to the door to see your walk toward the alley in which you had see enter the thread-like creature
It was still raining, but even though it was raining hard, it’s sound seemed came from far.
I was breath with you, and seemed even our heart were beating at unison. 

You was walking really slow through that small piece of land of nobody  to reach the fence that limiting the entrance in that solitary village, where piece of sheet of paper were flying in the middle of the boulevard. 
From far the soft light of my pendant was more evident, and it was the only thing that was make me feel in safe. 
I witnessed myself of the great power it had, but to know that you was even armed, it was a added thing, but however i was worried, and maybe it was better that i would have to conviced you to remain. 
They were thoughts that were running fast in my mind to each step you was doing, and by now, you had went throught the fence, and you was about to enter in that alley. 

For a second you stopped, and  have looked backward, as if you knew i was looking to the whole scene through the slots of the hut, then you got back to look straight and, as you seen the thread-like creature vanish in the alley, you have saw the same shadow on the wall of a building. 
Despite you have walked really slow, and the other creatures, hadn’t noticed you, that one had followed each your minimun move, and he he had made you understand to enter in that alley.

However, you had you black knife in your hand, ready to brandish it to the first thing that it would haven’t convinced you.
You has entered in that alley, while that rain didn’t want stopped to fall.
The wet ground was became an unique puddle, and you was totally wet, but you wasn’t feel nothing, as much adrenaline you had in body.

It couldn’t see anything, but you have could perceive that all along that alley, to its right side, there was a canopy, and you went there it to repair yourself from that unceasing rain.
Some blow of wind was uncover the moon and you have could see that shadow, who was walking go ahead and backward at the end of the alley nervously, he was looking at you,  full of questions that he was making to himself.

You have waited for a couple of minutes in silence, then a lightening has teared apart the sky, and the thread-like creature has started to speak. 
“Not everybody of us, are agreed the Raikin behaviour, but he’s the only who is feed us, but what he has done in the past it doesn’t worth our respect. Now that you arrived, he will do all his best to take the pendant, above all now that it has gained again totally its power”, and he left that speech in suspended, knowing that you knew what he meant, and immediately your thought went to me.
Then he continued.
“Raikin has always fought those three witches, and from when he has confined them in that hut, he has tempted  to take that pendant. I make you a question: did ever see them come out? I reply for you, and the answer is no”. In effect in that one short time we were in the hut, none of them were ever came out, not even when we were landed.  I was wounded by the Raikin’s wolf, and been you to take me inside the hut, not the contrary.
“It’s been a Raikin spell to cage them inside their own hut.” said the thread -like creature, and he ended: “Used bad, the pendant, can transform everything in a cage, transforming every creature like me.” and he said this, with a broken voice, and invited you to came closer to him assuring that he wouldn’t have get hurt you. 

On the ground, next to him a puddle, in which it was clear his real silhouette. He didn’t say nothing: he only indicated you to see what was inside of it. You remained astonished.  What you had saw it was only a far remember of what he was once: another totally different creature: big strong, and furry one.  
He seemed lost in thought, when he sighed: “Ocasionally i come here, and i see how i was, and i hiding myself in my remembers… Do you understand how i feeling?”

Now, your vision was complete. You wanted reply but the other thread-like creatures had feeling your presence, and their screams were about become louder, and they were coming out from their hid places.
You had to exit from that alley as soo as possible, and got back in the hut.
You have thrown a glance to that big creature caged in a body not his, and without say nothng you have promised him, you would have do the possible to overturn that situation.

Chasing the darkness, you was able to enter without knock the door.
All of us, had waited for your return without take off the glance from the slots of the hut.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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“You entered” – ◘9◘⇒

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