“The next morning”- ◘7◘

We have opened the eyes hearing hearing the buzz of those women were walking in the hut getting preparing something for breakfast, and some glances of them were pointed on us, and some of them smiling: without say nothing they knew what was happened in the previous hours.

You have helped me to settled me better on the backrest, and then you was remained next to me, embracing me delicately, looking at the skinny old woman who was shyly smiling to you, uncovering me from the bedsheets to check if my wound had need of attentions: for the moment, it seemed that it hadn’t need of that brownish cream, but she made me drink some sips of that water with those two crystal inside, and as if she didn’t knew what was happened during their absence, she said you: “I see that whatever you have mde her, she is going better”, and she winkled you, and i blushed: i knew that she knew it.

While the three women has brought us something to eat, we were looking for to take us off  that embarressament, looking for to think to another thing, but it was impossible. I was looking at you biting my lips thinking  to that magical momentin which you have made feel the climax, even though we were in the middle of a situation not much romantic. 
After that thought, i got back to the reality in which the three women were talking to you, and they were talking about a thread-like creature, who despite the others went away, it was remained next to the other hid part of the hut.

The smallest woman was explaining  that se was remained to check him as far they got back in the main hut, and from what they knew, it was still there: they hadn’t see further movements of that creature. The hut had windows from which it could see each corners. 
“It could appear a simple and wobbly hut, but we have studied it well”. And we have discovered it only few hour ago.
Now, our moment was completely vanished, and in someway, some of the followers of Raikin, was giving up himself, and maybe it could be of help. 
“The last i saw him, it was still there” and the smaller woman indicated the hid door, and she wanted to take you there. You have thrown a glance toward me and i nodded, but i held back the breathe as far you you didn’t entered in that second room of the hut.

It seemed that outside to the unique big window there was no longer anybody, but something it have conviced you by the contrary: from that room you couldn’t check that much, and you came back but you haven’t sit next to me, you went to check through the slots of the big door in front, and beyond some leafs that were chasing each other, you haven’t see anything else, but soon earlier to go back to me, a running shadow, have catched your attention, and you have thrown a glance to everybody, especially to me, and you have nodded, and you have make me sign to wait for.

When you have opened the door, has started to rain and that shadow has materialized in one of the thread- like creature of Raikin, but he ran away under a canopy of one of the first buildings beyond the fence. He has looked at you for one of the longest minute without issue any scream, and in his glance you have could see ask have mercy, then he ran away, and he vanished inside one of  the many alley of that long topsoil boulevard.
Checked that there were no anybody else outside, you have closed the door, and before to talk you have beckon, then you have added your impression, and it didn’t liked me much.
“It seemed he was ask me to follow him, but then he vanished: I have to go to see”. I knew you would be protected by my pendant, but however it was dangerous. I looked at  you with wide eyes open, and i sighed: “If it’s a trap?”, then i looked the three women who at their turn were look at you. 
You was looking for a reply in their glances, but this time there wasn’t. 

The only anwser that the skinny woman have given you was: “We know Raikin from long time than you, but we don’t think that he may use a low move like this, to put you in trap. Sincerely i don’t know what to think!” And she looked at both us, with the same glances of the other two: astonish.

Heard the tought of those three witches, you was looking at me, but i already knew, that you was decided to check where it would have conducted your belief, but however i sighed you to be careful, this time for the first time i have stared the black knife on the small table next to the bed, and slowly i took it and looking at it, i said: “Brandish it, and use it if was necessary”, then you have bend over me and we kissed passionately. 

You looked at me sweetly, and i held back all the air i had in body, when you have opened the door, checking everything was calm, then door closed, a deafeaning silence fallen in the hut.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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