As soon

I have started to feel your closeness i delicatly touched my belly, and i started to feel your whisper that sweetly were call my name, and now your closeness is around  me.

My soft punch in the stomach is growing faster.
Your glance is pointed me, and i can only dive in your blue eyes, and i hold back the breathe. 
I can’t see your mole, but i know that is there, and there is Our Parallel World. 
Your words are telling me something that i can see only closing the eyes. 

I can feel your hands are tightening me strong to you, and your glance is straight into mine. 
I moving away your hair, while i caressing your sweet face, and what i see in your eyes is the most beautiful place i want to stay with you. 

Our hearts are beating at unison, and your lips touching delicately mine, while your hands are tightening my hips, pulling my body always more to you, and everything is vanish.

I can lose myself into your eyes, while you are looking at me without say nothing.
Our sweet electric shock are begin to cross our minds, and everything is about to explode.

Slowly we are loving us, and we are waiting for that everything is materializing.
Wunjo is front of me, and i know that even you can see it.
Everything is slowly accomplishing. 
Our little magic is becoming true. Here it is 
Our connection is started: 19and19. 
We are loving us delicately, throwing all the air from the lungs.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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