“Those women” – ◘6◘

Ran to me with their medications, and when they have put on my wound a brownish cream the blood has stopped to come out.

While they got curing me, they have thrown a glance toward you first then to me, but they didn’t asked nothing. 
They knew, now the most important thing was to stop the blood, and you was concentrated on me, and to ask anything else, would be useless: you would have not replied them: you would have only heard a buzz in your head.

For the pain i was becoming pale, but i was try to resist and to be alert, and what made me feel so, were the screams of thread-like creatures.
I thrown a glance to you and without say nothing, you had understand what i was ask you to check through the slots of the hut. 
You didn’t wanted leave my hand, but with a soft beckon i have disincreased the hold, and you went to see. 
I had right: some creatures were came as far to the hut, to hear what was happening inside of it.

“Surely it was been Raikin to have order them to check my status”, i said as soon you have nodded taking again my hand, sat next to me. Those women in few time, made me feel better, and after few minutes we had realized that they were looking at us in waiting for some news. I looked at you, and after drunk some sip from a water that contained an amethyst and a smoky quarz inside, i started to describe what we had seen, but above all what we had heard inside that empty building.

Those women didn’t seemed surprised that much. when you have told them that inside there was nothing, but they remained astonished when i have added when we have hear that metallic sound and immediately after, as an invisible presence has came to study us better from close, but that one we had only felt like a heavy breathe had surrounded us. Then the smaller woman have said: “We know Raikin from long time, but he never approached to us to make himself see well, each time he approached, the maximum we have could see about him, it has been his silhouette, with his wolf.”
I looked at her more astonished than before, and looking at you i sighed: “It seemed he wanted smell us” and you have nodded. 
Till now the skinny woman hadn’t spoken: she was look at us, as if she had live all that once again, but she got up on her feet and said to the other two women: “They have to rest. They have did much today, and the wound don’t have to further pressions. We leave you alone, for anything else call us!”

We looked at each other astonished: where they would have go? For what we knew, the hut it was what we  were lookin at: a circular building with a thached roof, a unconfortable bed a couple of  battered wooden chair, three or four oil lamp, a rough carpet, and a dry mud floor, and a small table next to bed, but those three women had opened a second door well hid to the opposite one, and from that moment we hadn’t longer hear to them. 

And even the thread-like creatures had stopped to scream; it seemed they were went away, and now the only buzz we could hear was of a breeze that was sweeping away some leafs from the ground, and when you went to check the scenario trough the slots of the hut, outside seemed another panorama, and you turned toward me, your glance changed. A shy smile was printed in your face, and slowly you came to me. 
Fortunately the bed was enough big, and you laid on it, embracing me sweetly. 

You have asked me how i was feeling. Delicately i have only smiled to you, while you settling better me the bedsheets: i had closed the eyes, but then i felt your hand that was started to caress my body to reach my hips then i opened them again, and you was looking at me deeply, waiting for to meet my glance, then delicately you have continued till reach the inner thigh, and some my moans have started to fill the hut, and softly your hand has arrived where it wanted arrive, and without take off your glance from mine, you have moved away my panties, and your finger sweetly have penetrated me, and you have started to make me moan, while you approached to me starting to give me small kisses, and when you was realizing i was about to reach the climax, you have wanted see it through my glance, while you making going crazy your finger inside me, feeling it more wet.

You took your finger off inside of me when you no longer have felt my contractions, and our glances met. 
We were tired, but before to close the eyes i wanted kiss you once again.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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