Once again

You are looking at me like this, and i remain breathless. 

In your glance i can see your respect, and milion thoughts are running.
When i opened the eyes, i felt your sweet embrace around my belly, and your sweet words are entered in my soul.

Slowly my head is turning, and the soft punch in the stomach is growing fast. 
Every our emotions are delicately wrapping us
You are approach to me, and are tightening my hips, and slowly you start to move me, and we starting to dance our slow dance. 
You look at me, and sweetly you caress my face sighing my name. 

Slowly we enter in Our Parallel World, and eveything is tranforming in our aparment, and there everything vanish. 
In your glance i can see how much love you feeling for me.
It’s so sweet, delicate, soft, and you making feel all this through your embrace, and your sweet words that making me beat the heart so strong. 

Together we throw away the air we have in body, and sweetly we caress our faces. 
You take my hand and guide my hand toward your mole, sweetly smiling, then you kiss my finger, and you put my hand inside your shirt, making me feel your heart beat like a crazy. 

I look at you breathless, and your lips approach to mine, while everything become more magical than before.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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