“It was necessary” – ◘5◘

To take an immediate decision, and that decision i had to take it me. Even though my wound it was still fresh, and to lay the feet on the ground hurt me still, i had to make me see from Raikin, and let him know that i would fight against him at any cost, and when i have decided it, i had to exit from the hut, then i have looked at everybody, and i thrown a glance toward you, and you approached to me, and eyes in eyes, you have whispered me: “When are you ready…”

In those seconds, we  esisted only us, and we knew that it was the right thing to do.
I have asked to bring me in front of the buiding where you had  heard the chains, and stay there for a while. 
Raikin had to know that i was there, and that my move it was a challenge. 

Staying in front of the the hut, he had moved the first pawn, and now i had do the same, even though wounded.
I left that the three women got clean me the last blood that was coming out from the leg, and they bandaged it with another bandage, then they slowly, moved away, leaving you take me between your arms.

In those instants between us, was reigning a silence that it could be cut with a knife. 
The only gesture was of the  skinny old woman, who have adjusted better my pendant on my chest. Just when its ligth has completely wrapped us, i asked to the smallest woman of the group, to open the door, and in that instant we looked at each other and we kissed each other, and you have crossed the doorway. From inside the hut the three women were spying us throught the slots. 


You hadn’t made not even two steps, that you stopped, and have looked at me questioning if i was sure of what i decided to do. That moment seemd had no end, but only with a beckon of mine, you have sighed my name, and you have continued to walk really slow toward the fence of that solitary village that we had in front.
From far we could hear the thread-like creatures screaming, and from what we had could hear from the first screams, they were warning screams, and little by little that village filled itself  by those screams, and one by one those creatures were came out, as for to attack us, but they were moved away as as soon they have noticed the soft light of the pendant that was wrapping us. They have followed us tempting to touch us, but as soon they stretching their long greenish arms, our magical shield seemed give them a small electric shock, and they moved away, increasing the volume of their screams, but remaining there around. 
You have assured me: “They can’t attack us.” and you have shyly smile me, while i was looking at them so closer.

When we arrived in front of that building, you said: “It’s this one”, and i replied: “Please put me down”, and with all the delicateness of the case, you have helped me to lean first the good leg, then you have support me with your hands, and slowly we opened that heavy wooden overhead door.
All of sudden the screams stopped, and we could only hear the echo of our steps inside that immense empty building.
Occasionally we could hear the sounds of the chains, and only lifting up the glance to the roof, we had glimpsed them.  
Looking backward to the entrance we had seen all the thread-like creatures who were scratching the overhead door. They could not enter inside that building, but they was warning Raikin. 
But Raikin, already knew of our arrive: he was on his hid place and he was observing us: especially he was looking at me, carressing the head of the wolf that was next to him, and even him was staring each steps we were doing.

At a certain point, i held your hand, and in a sigh, i said: ” Let’s stop us here”, where all the noises of that building wrapping us, when all a sudden, as if someone had hit something metallic, has resounded in all that enormous building, and we have start to hear a heavy breath, and i tightened stronger the hand that was supporting me, and that breathe seemed that Raikin was came close to us to see better what aspect we had, and like he came, he went away, lifting up a twirl of light dust around us, and immediately after those screams,  have started again, slowly to fill our ears. 

Closing the eyes we have threw away all the air from the lungs, and we had start to breath again. 
Without saw him, we had have a close enconter with Raikin, and in a whisper i said: “Let’s go away”, and slowly we turned and we were about to open the overhead door, when a shiver crossed our back.
Outside you have took me again between your arms and slowly you have start to walk.
Now, the thread-like creatures were in silence and they were looking at us straight into the eyes. 
Some of them have followed us till the fence.

As soon we had reached the hut, the door was opened, and the three women have looked at us with wide eyes open, but they have waited for that you laid me on the bed, and immediately after, you said them to cure my wound. 
It was bleeding.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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