Here it is

The soft punch in the stomach, and you are wrapping my belly so delicately.

I have to hold back the breathe for don’t go crazy, but i’m already shaking, and everything is starting to turning, while you are tightening more me to you.

I can feel your whispers that slowly are piercing my soul.
You are looking at me, and approach, while you are tightening my hips.
You pulling me toward me and lift me up my face, and your sigh: “You had right”. 

I throw away all the air from the lungs, and now i looking at you. 
Our glances meet, and you are approach always more to me. 
Our heads touches, and our eyes diving one in another, and our feelings are about explode at the same time.

I can only smile to you, and i perceive a: “Thank you”. I throw away all the air i have in body. 
I carress your sweet face, and you let me reach your mole, where i can see there Our Parallel World and i hold back all my emotions as far you approach your lips to mine, whispering my name, then you look at me without say nothing, but i perceive everything, and slowly i slide my hand inside your shirt and i feel your heart beating like a jackhammer. 

We remain in silence, while everything around us, is expanding.
Without say nothing we are saying eveything.

We see Fehu.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

⇐ What you have

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