What you have

Found, you have wanted made me read it. 
My heart was about to explode. 
You have gave me it in silent, while you was looking at me seriousely.

When i have started to read it, i have begin to understand everything more deeply that what i wrote in my novel it wasn’t fruit of my imagination. It was everything real.
My love, you have throw it away behind the shoulders: everything i read in those sheet of papers is everything what you don’t want repeat. Think about it like an experience of your life, from that you can extract what you have learn, and looking at that sheet of paper, throw away everything the bad things: you can perserve only the good things, but look at me: you have swept away everything already behind your shoulders from long time. 

Now you can look at ahead. Look at me, smile.
If you have the courage to do, you have to burn it, if you don’t already did. 
Look at me and together we throw away all that little crumbs that were remained at the bottom of your soul.

Now, that’s me that is taking you inside Our Parallel World. I take your hands, and sweetly i crossing your fingers with mine. You are looking all these small gestures, and at the end you are whispering my name so delicately. 
Our glances met, and you are sweetly caressing my face. I hold your hand. Then i sweetly caressing your, reaching your mole. 
Whispering i say: “Close your eyes”.
Everything around us is vanishing, and delicately our apartment is lift, wrapping us.

Without say nothing you tight my hips, and start to move my body in our slow dance.
I look at you: i smile, i want say something, but you put your finger on my mouth, and beckon stay in silence. You don’t want breakdown this magical atmosphere. 
We throw away the air from the lungs.

You approach delicately to me, and lean your lips on mine. Then you look at me and sigh once again my name. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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