“However”- ◘4◘

Their screams have followed you as far to the door of the hut, and seemed they wanted chasing you even inside of it.
You had closed the door looking at them trough the slots, and little by little their screams vanished, but however some of them were remained there at guard to the entrance of that village. 

You came to me and slowly sat on that bed, and looking at the three women you said everything what you had heard, and slowly in your mind was making an idea larger than that one that we had heard  till now, and now the three women were convinced  of what you was saying them. 

“Maybe you have right: those thread- like creatures are some of inhabitants of the village caged under of Raikin enchant, but those help scream said me another thing…” 
I looked at you always more astonished, while you was looking at those three women who weren’t saying nothing.
You have turned the glance toward me, as if i was the only to  talk with, and i was the only who was looking at you conviced of your words, and with a grimace of pain i sighed: “Continue”, and looking at me, you have thrown a glance to the three women. 

“When i entered in that village, it seemed empty, but when i have heard distinctly that help scream, those thread-like creatures have started to scream louder, as if they wanted cover it. There are not other inhabitants under the Raikin enchant. They are his followers, and what i heard is one of the many inhabitants: they seemed scared, and  alot”. You have looked at them as if you searching for in their glances some solution, then slowly you turned your glance toward me and delicately you have asked me how it was going. 
Slowly the bleeding was vanishing,  but the wound was still fresh, and ocassionally i was lament myself, but i said: “It will pass soon” and i a soft sigh  i have confessed you ” I don’t  want remain here more than necessary”, and you have beckoned, caressing my face. 

Holding my hand you have looked the three woman, and then you have asked about that enchant that they had used to set free those few creatures, before that we landed in that solitary dimension.
Both they were looked at each other, and just few seconds, that one less inclined to talk, made one step ahead, and she began.
“I created that spell, but unfortunately, it worked once, and who had to bring it back he wasn’t able to, a now i can’t created it again. I’m sorry!” And now, every glance was pointed on me, on the pendant i had on, and in a sigh, the only who didn’t have spoke, said:” And now the only magical weapon that we can use against Raikin is she” 
I looked at you wide eyes open.  In all that speech we had heard, we had understand that the pendant was became unique thing with my powers, and if i had tried to take off it, the magical power of it would  useless. 

It wasn’t like this, that i have would wanted know it, but it was the only one way to send it down, and that’s why the three women were doing their best to cure my wound. They knew, that there was no longer time, and now Raikin knew about us, have would be hasty to put in act his plan: raze everything to rebuild  once again, and give freedom to all of evil he had in mind, and only in those few seconds we had understand that what the three women had done, it been so courageous, and they were with water in throat when they have seen me in the black hole.

For a short time we looked at each other without say nothing, then i asked you: “What you have seen in the village”, and there was no need to say anything else, because you already knew, what i meant.
Then you have started to describe everything. From your words it came out a long boulevard made of topsoil and to the sides a long array of houses, but only one building had catched your attention and from inside came out sounds of chains, and  when you have describe it a shiver had crossed the back of the three women, and in choir they have said: “It where Raikin stay”, then they have looked at us scared.

Then you have said the very important thing that you was about to forget: “It’s about the pendant and the thread-like creatures: they have only followed me, then i have understand why they haven’t try to attack me: standing next to you, i have absorbed the light of the pendant, and it has been my shield.
Saying this, i had understand that i could not stay longer in bed, even though the wound hurt me, and was still bleeding. And slowly in my mind was growing an idea that as soon i would have said it to you, in your eyes i would have seen your dissent.

Slowly i started to say: “Raikin know me. It’s with me that he will want fight. He is wait for me. I know, and  you know it too, even though, you don’t want admit, but you know, is like this, and to come out from this chaos, i have to heal very soon. But we can’t stand hand in hand. we have to study a plan. Maybe there is away to set free these creatures in the village.” I have left the speech in suspension.

Everybody there, especially you knew, i had right, in your deep wanted that everything was a dream, but I looked at you, and sweetly i beckoned, and i took your hand looking at straight into your eyes. 
Slowly you have throw away all the air from the lungs sighing my name.”



Listen to it⇓⇓


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