“Slowly” – ◘3◘

Everything got back  to the normality, but now you wanted some more detailed informations on that situation and you sat next to me, taking my hand, asking if i was ok, and if i had need something else, but i looked at you and i sighed only: “I need you and stop”.

You threw away all the air from the lungs, waiting for that some of those women started to speak.
They were looked at each other, and slowly that one  who seemed more inclined to speak, was always the old skinny woman, and she started to mumbling looking for the right words to begin.

“From long time we have the duty to protect the village, beyond that fence” and she indicated a undefinied point beyond the closed door, and she continued:” We belong to a dynasty of  witches. And what we have to keep in safe is that pendant that she has on the neck. It’s what Raikin wants. From when he arrived, he try to break down that invisible shield that the pendant is able to rise when it feel an imminent danger. When you was about to arrive, we have felt that she had great power, and that’s why we have made her enter earlier. Raikin was about to breakdown the shield when we were able to to make her enter, with her magical power together that one of the pendant we have strenghtened the shield, but unfortunately, she been attacked by the wolf  when the shield has been broke, and their powers were about to uniting…” 

She left the speech suspended.
Now everything had a logical thread, and without asking, you have known the name of that man.
You have looked at them one by one, then have looked at me, and in a sigh, i said: “The had to try.” I knew what you was feel in those instants, i had to try to calm your anger that slowly was lifting inside you, but with: “You been to save me!” and i have indicated the black knife that was next to you.

It seemed that with that small sentence, i had swept away everything  you had in mind, and i have repeated: “They had to try”, and i looked at the pendant that softly was spreading its light.
Then, one of the other women have said: “Now, we are sure that it will harder for Raikin to attack, but there is one thing in his advantage: he lives in the village, and keep below his control those few inhabitants who weren’t been able to escape, and those screams that you have heard before are the damned souls that he has condamned below one of his most great spell. Those few creatures that we have set free, will hid between the woods, or they were escaped away. We don’t know, but for sure, they will back no longer. We remained here alone. But when we have seen the pendant bright more than usual, we have immediately checked that, and we have seen you were about to arrive.”

And when she has indicated a tiny bowl, you have took it and when we have took a glimpse inside of it, we hadn’t see nothing, and astonished we have look at them, then the old skinny woman beckoned us to look at it once again more carefully, and there we remained speechless. 
A small black universe was turning inside of it. We were loked at each other with the hearts in throat.
Was that our black hole from where we  were crossing every those dimension? 
“It is one part of it”, had  replied  the only of the three woman who hadn’t speak yet.
And now, even for me was clearest.

But now everybody, include me, were looking at you to decide what to do: we couldn’t just wait for the return of Raikin and we knew that he would do as soon as possible, and we had knew that, standing in front of the hut, he was already studying the next move.
For the moment i could only amplify the power of the pendant, but it was you that had to exit from the hut and check anything that it could be useful.

You have took again the black knife,bending over me, delicately you have kissed me. I have stared at you wide eyes, and as soon you have opened that door, some of those screams that were accompanied the arrive of Raikin, have started to penetrate your ears, and you have could take a look to them, and they, with their small eyes, have  followed you. 
They have only followed you, while you was entering in that village that seemed empty.

You was looking at everything with astonishment, and you didn’t understand why those thread-like creatures, having the possibility to attack, didn’t. Then you stopped in front to a shop window, and  you realized that the pendant light had wrapped you totally, and so you have started to breathe again, even though what you was looking at didn’t got relax you. You couldn’t see anything but you could hear voices from far who were asking help, but were voices well mixing with those of the creatures who were following you.

Slowly you got backward. 
That village wasn’t protected no more from the pendant. It was a jail.
The more you was leaving that village, the more the help screams were entering inside you and your glance was became always more petrified.
While those thread-like creatures  have followed you till the to the fence.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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