In these days

Your closeness is stronger than before. I feeling your arms that are tightening my hips, and your breathe are wrapping me delicately. 
I have to throw away the air from my body, and i feel my head starting to turn fast, and i know the reason is you, and despite you are so far from me, we can feel our feeling growing quickly. Our minds are sweetly communicating among them, and what we  are feeling is enclose in Our Parallel World

We are not going crazy: it’s beautiful what our souls are saying us. 
Everything is turning fast, and everything is calm, around us. 
Still once again we need to hold back the breathe.

We are in front one another. We are smiling astonished, for what is happening, without that we do anything, but what we are feeling is something real great. 
Our hearts are about to explode, and they are about to do at the same instants.
I can feel your arms still are tightening me stronger to you, and i’m start to shake. 
Everything is in our small magic and despite our distance we can feel it running our bodies.

If i close the eyes, i can even perceive your perfume, but what that making me feel go crazy are your arms. They doesn’t want leave their hold on my body, and mine feelings are about to explode with your.
Sweetly our glance meet and sweetly we smile, while your are take my hand and delicately you place them on your chest, and i lift my eyes toward your, and i dive in your little oceans. 

You leaving me breathless while you approach to me, whispering my name, and your lean your lips on mine. caressing my mouth. 
Our Parallel World is inside of these kisses. 
Slowly our hearts are exploding at the same instants.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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