“Their screams” -◘2◘

Were more dreadful than the old skinny woman had described you, and they seemed wanted came to us.
They weren’t ghosts, as she had said you, but other creatures, and in their glances there weren’t any expression from you could understand what were their own really reasons. But what you was scaring you, it was that were many and everybody were coming toward that ruined hut, and you was the only one able to do something, but you had in mind only one question: “For  how long can i resist?”

The more the were approaching, the more their screams were becoming something that was entering in your head, and that sound wasn’t making you think how you wished want, and now  the only person that you wanted put in safe was me. You have would take me and escape away, but you knew it was impossible. 
My wound still bleeding, and those women had the right  medications, and in your deep, you knew that hut, even though it could seemed the worstest place to stay in that moment, maybe it wasn’t the most noticeable place during that rainstorm. 

You was looking that approaching of those creatures, always throwing a glance toward me, who i was looking at you back. 
I was trying to get up, my leg it hurted me so, and those women were saying me to stay calm, but i could feel your heart that was beating so hard, and mine was explode. I was looking at your each moves. and without realizing, like a broken record, i was saying you to be careful, despite you hadn’t opened the door. Our glances met many times in those seconds. 

They were more the instants that you was check if i was ok, than the moments you was looking at outside through the door’slots, that you haven’t realized that all of a sudden those creatures were vanished, and their scaring screams were echoing from far, but that soon after a deafening silence, just one only scream resounding outside of the hut, and just after few instants, i have recognized it, and only with the will power i was able to settled me better on that uncomfortable bed, and in a sigh, i said: “He’s comeback!”, and immediately after you have come back to see outside, and through those slots, you have glimpsed two silhouettes, one next to another.

They seemed a man with a wolf. That man seemed wore a hat with its brim very large, and he stopped at a safe distance from the hut, and he remained there to look at it wiithout say or do nothing, and however there was a storm,  but he didn’t moved. 

You had ordered to turned off the candles, and all of a sudden, only the white moon was illuminating that scenario.
And it seemed that the moon wanted emphasize that silhouette firm there, in waiting for something or someone came out from that hut, but everything inside of it seemed, didn’t breathe.
Our glances tranquilizing us, and got relax even those three women who were looking at us.

When only a spectral voice has resounded in the middle of the storm, a shiver has crossed our back, and i softly sighed your name, scared than before, and only in that instants i had need to have you close to me.
And it was you have saw it in my glance, giving a last glimpse outside to that silhouette. 
Slowly you have left the doorway, and when i have took your hand, i started to breath again.

“He’s been him to order to his wolf to attack me”, i said in a thread of voice, while the old skinny woman went to the doorway to check if there was any movements, but he was was always there stand still, looking at the hut, while the moon was drawing long shadow on the white ground below his feets.

When a soft purple light was slowly spreaded from my pendant, and his soft glimmer was wrap us, and only after few minutes we had heard the same spectral voice, but in those sounds we had perceived well the sentence: “I will come back” and soon after we had heard to even that swarm of voices that had preceeded the arrive of that man.
And soon after you went to the door to check what was happening. Withouit realize, those creatures had surrounded the hut from each corner, and they were hid themselves behind the trees that in someways, was protecting that hut.

And when that man, if ever he been a real man, turned to got back from where he was arrived, those moltitude of creatures have made shake that hut, as if if it was in the middle of the worst of the windstorm, and despite we were protected by the pendant,  from inside, we have could feel their powerness: they have  followed him.
Immmediately after,  a deafeaning silence have surrounded everything.”



Listen to it⇓⇓


⇐“The old skinny” ◘1◘

“Slowly” – ◘3◘⇒


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